Does Evil Ryu fare better against Akuma then Ryu does



as I seen Daigo lose to Inflitration and Tokido and wonder if he gets really good, well he still struggle against them?


In my opinion, as Evil Ryu when fighting Akuma the challenge is in understanding how the opponent uses their character. Akuma has a range of play styles, and a lot of mixups. Any player that cannot adapt to Akuma’s variability will lose, regardless of character choice.

That said, Evil Ryu fares better than Ryu, and it comes down to damage. After establishing the opponents pattern and set-ups, Evil Ryu can capitalize with more stun and damage than Ryu can. Against Akumas low health and stun this is a substantial advantage. Two quick Evil Ryu combos will (nearly) kill Akuma, Ryu must create more openings.

Regarding Daigo’s Evil Ryu record and play style, it’s not the one that I would use to evaluate the character or model mine after. Sako is more natural Evil Ryu player in my opinion, he’s less conservative and capitalizes on openings more regularly with more damage. I also like Lil’ Evil’s style, heavy damage, and occasionally crazy :slight_smile:


LOL I guess I am crazy.

But Evil Ryu vs a strong Akuma could be hard. IMO 5-5 because literally either Akuma controls the match at neutral because of faster walk speed, faster normals, and just general fireball control but when you get in, you really shut him down. When I played against Fourwude at CEO during casuals we went even but he introduced a high risk element to this match which completely threw me off beating me 0-2 at first but we extended it to 3 and he won 3-2 but being able to adapt to the strategy made the set intense. But that added onto his control at neutral, he freely walked around my low forward range, pressed st.short and caught me almost every time making my low forward wiff. I had to adapt the same strategy to beat him but add onto Akuma’s zoning vortex and pressure, it was rough. But the second Akuma get’s hit after playing neutral against you for so long, he’s practically dead. It’s just hard to get to that point sometimes.


I’ve yet to see infiltration lose to sako or pr balrog, but I would love for Infiltration to do a FT10 with Daigo.


Ryu’s super, tho. I think that gives him an advantage in this match.


Ryu is way better than Evil Ryu against akuma


I also forgot to mention I played that one Canadian Akuma player who beat JWong (forgot which his name… I feel like an asshole) but we played 4 best of 3s. I won 3/4 but it was always close down to the last round pixel life and I would burn 4 bars to kill him off of low forward.

The way the MU goes from my experience
U1 always regardless of what Sako and every other top Evil Ryu player picks in this match
Round 1 always feels like the worst scenario. I will almost 100% admit that this is the worst feeling in this match. Being naked with no meter and slower normals than Ryu. Akuma will beat you at neutral 3/4 times which is why having bat is important in this match. You need to make that one hit count. But I would play round one almost as if you were Ryu and just build bar. But as the match progresses, being able to deal with Akuma’s zoning and being patient will help you greatly in this match. Remember how I said he beats you 3/4 times at neutral? Keep that and mind and BE PATIENT! Low forward is your greatest tool, but could also be your weakness. Never misspace this normal or you will eat a sweep and everything will go down hill from there. It’s also your greatest asset however because you can tag Akuma trying to zone with grounded or air fireballs. Especially jump back fireballs. Don’t forget Evil Ryu being able to use hop kick to crush low attacks like low forward or sweep. U1 is a must to get past zoning and to chase Akuma when he wants to get away. St.short is very helpful in this match as well to avoid those normals I mentioned with hop kick and punish HARD with low forward. When you actually tag him with low forward, I might even debate using all of your 4 bars to put him in stun territory and kill him in certain scenarios.

I think the MU isn’t bad for Evil Ryu, but I’m actually not a fan of this match as Ryu personally.

(sorry for potentially scattered thoughts if this seems unorganized but that’s how I feel about the matchup and ERyu vs Akuma being better than Ryu vs Akuma)