Does family life divide your gaming time up?

:shake:Wow oh wow, I’ve noticed that between work, being a father to 3 sons and a husband, time for games is diminshed to almost nothing. By the time I get home I might get an 1hour at the most until late at night around 11-12am. It shows in my game play and games that take 2 or 3 days to complete, takes me a 2 to 3 weeks. Please post your experiance with trying to get gameplay in plus handling family:confused:

I mainly only play fighting games now a days because I dont have time to do marathons like I used to.
no more 3 hour rpg or whatever.

So I gues sI really dont have a problem lol.
play a few matches, feed and play with the baby do whatever else is needed and Im fine.

I usually have to take a day off just to play something. When I’m lucky I get time to play on the weekends but, thats rare. Although the last couple of weekends Ive been trying to get my hrs in on FF13.

But yea…having time to play games is almost non-existent.

Same here, I have 3 chirruns right now, and between the family, school and (hopefully soon) a job, a majority of my gaming time has been all but consigned to weekends. A couple hours on Friday, and a couple three on Saturday with maybe an hour or so sprinkled into the week. I have zippy time for RPGs anymore, I stick mostly to fighting, action and racing games, with the occasional FPS thrown in for good measure.

When I retire, I’m probably just gonna veg out in front of my old ass PS3 with my butt hurting arthritis and game all day lol…

When I’m gaming this is how I treat my family. My family? Oh, that’s easy. “Stupid, worthless, no good, goddamned, free loading son-of-a-bitch! Retarded, big mouth, know-it-all asshole jerk!” “You forgot ugly, lazy, and disrespectful!” “Shut up, bitch! Go fix me a turkey pot pie!” “What about you, Dad?” “Fuck you!” “No, Dad, what about you?” “Fuck you!” “No, Dad, what about you?!” “Fuck you!” DOOOSHHH.

You see this scar its about the size of Sanwa Ball top right. This is what ya get for jumping in on a FlowChart Ken.

haha Any excuse when losing in an online sf4 match.

Just having a GF/pseudo-fiance kills all my time. Adding in trying to start up my own business, the torture that is my current job, job searching to get AWAY from that current job, and I realize that I spend mroe time @ work onSRK then I do actually playing said games @ home. Once I move in with her, the commute will go from 40 morn/40 even to 80 morn/100 even…so then it will be complete lulz. I may actually get SF4 for the iPad when that drop soI can do ‘something’.

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Three kids? I don’t know how you guys do it lol. I have one (soon to be two) and thats mad time consuming. I love spending time with the kiddo though but still. I work about 50-60 hrs a week currently. 40 when im lucky.

i’m in the same boat. i have 3 kids and my wifey. I work 2 jobs, one job 40 hours a week and the other about 20. almost little to no time for gaming. only time is late at night or on my days off.

this is like lets brag about ourselves the thread

i live essentially by myself and have lots of times for videos games

Living with family sucks, unless it is your girlfriend or wife (which is slightly not as bad).

last night i got bout 30min of online play around 11:25 to 11:55pm when the wife came home. She asked whatcha doin? I told her just checking email n facebook u know. She was like oh ok, but why so late? I told her that i had bathed the kids n helped with homework n cooked dinner n took a unexpected nap while the kids watched cartoons. She said, aww how sweet, ready to go to bed? I was like ah…ah…not really. She reminded me of the ever painful truth by saying, u know u got to go to work in the mornin! I just had received an invite too for a online match. Naturally i crawled my big ass in bed! Damn!

Yep, girlfriends, wives, and families can be quite the time suck.


Could you have been any less clever my dude?

Depends on the season for me, right now is prime time cause my wife does taxes, so she is in her busy season. Which means, I can come home and get my gaming on until I get sick of it or bed time. Summer is filled with maintenance of the house, yard and various other events. Weekends are either DJ gigs, or relaxing in some sort of way VG isn’t one of them. As is, gaming in general took a backseat when I started to get my life together. Rest assured, I will still be able to beat my sons butt in any game whenever that time comes…LOL


WTF, are you fuckin serious that if I’m married and have kids, I’ll have less time to play video games? I don’t know about that shit anymore, FUCK

I use to think i’d have plenty of time to balance out the two, games n family. Eeh!! There’s not enough time. I enjoy time with the family, but damn it i wanna play too. The wife will always feel that if i can put time into a machine than i can do the same with her. The golden moment is when u get sick cuz u then have an excuse to stay home n kick ass. U find urself sayin, oh go right on out honey, hope u have a good day. No sooner u hear that car engine goin down the road u know damn well what its time for!

Members of my family don’t really speak to each other that often, even when we live in the same house.

I don’t plan on having kids either, so I’m good. Just gotta finish school.