Does Gamerbee use Akuma as a secondry seeing as he mained him in Vanilla?



Forgive my ignorance or if this has already been brought up, but I main Guy and was thinking of using Akuma as a secondary, so I was searching Youtube for some match vids when I found this.


Damn! @ 5:11 and 9:16, whilst we can all agree Gamerbee is the best Adon in world for now, I never knew he played Akuma till I heard he was going to use him at SBO in Vanilla.

I know very little about Adon outside of watching Gamerbee’s match’s (was tempted to pick up Adon but didn’t want to jump on the band wagon) or Adon’s bad matchups but has he ever switched to Akuma in a match since Super came out ?


If you want to counter adon bad macthups you pick up chun.


Someone on another board told me Arturo Sanchez said people figured out his Adon at EVO casuals or money matches and that he did indeed switch back to Akuma, but none of the match’s were recorded.


ohhh Noooo!!!, Gamer Bee. I dont think anyone cares.


Go away.


Not surprised that Adon was “figured out”.

Regardless he’s still a really solid character that has a great balance of mix up and fundamentals.


You just know now that arturo has said that he is going get beaten by every adon he plays against lol.


(Since I didn’t see anyone answer the mans question outright) Yes, Gamerbee uses Akuma as his main, and he’s actually quite good with him. I’ve seen him use Akuma a few times, it’s tournament ready for sure. And yeah, after 3 days of playing top players non-stop, your bound to get figured out at some point, especially when your playing a slightly gimmicky character like adon




Arturo, i dont quite know how to say this, but you’re the first person I’ve seen play a non-Sim character (Seth, Adon) and lame them out as if they were supposed to be Sim. This is from the stream last night. I mean, c’mon man. I’ve seen you frustrate opponents with Sim’s lame style, poking (keep-at-bay) but at least keep that style to Sim only, lol. Seth cannot be played that way, and Adon’s st. RH isn’t the same as Sim’s long limb attacks. Still respect your game, though. (Oh and that was funny that you had to take a break from the game for a smoke, lol had the rest of folks waiting in anticipation.) Wanna see you take down JWong soon, man, your Rose is solid.