Does hardwiring really make a difference?

I am using wireless internet for gaming. pinging the router from my computer is only 4ms, does that mean I only get a 4 ms speed increase by hardwiring? I have asked people on psn if my connection is good they say its fine, but it never feels like offline in any game I play though it is still playable.

no wireless is not fine, its pretty fucking garbage.

of course it will make a difference. hate to sound like an asshole but im tired of hopping on PS4 and losing to all these shitty players who are so stupid and play on wifi and dont even have the decency to pick training stage.


Hard wiring is more reliable, less prone to interference, and support faster network speeds and its more secure.

ok i’ll give it a try. I thought I could avoid the hassle of moving my setup near the router.

But a longer Ethernet cable.

This. I have a long ass ethernet cable that I bust out from the bedroom to the living room anytime I wanna hop in and get some games going online. Makes all the difference.

All things being equal, a hard wire connection is always going to be better than the best wireless connection, methinks.

From my wirelessly connected laptop ( is my ISP):

Even using wifi, there’s three times as much lag between my console and my TV input (Sony KDL55W829 - 30ms input lag when on gaming mode; and that’s considered as fast for an HDMI input) than between my wireless devices and my ISP .

Yeah, right, wifi is the culprit so much… Now, sure, wired is always better. And the more the wireless devices on or around your network, the more drops and retries there’s gonna be. But come on, that surely isn’t what is making people lose fights.

It’s not even about winning or losing - it’s common decency.
If you’re playing an online game where 60fps isn’t simply a display setting, but is infact part of the game mechanics, it’s sheer belligerence to dial in with your $9.99 Walmart wifi router to force the other player into SCUBA Street Fighter.
It makes for a shitty game for them, win or lose as they frustratingly drop shit, have to avoid certain scenarios and generally cant trust their own eyes and visual cues to play the game. If they’re anything like me, they’ll hit the “block/avoid this player” button after the fight (denoting “doesn’t understand the game” as the reason for avoiding), giving you fewer people to play with online too.
The TV lag is YOUR problem, the wifi is a problem you’re inflicting on others.
For the sake of another $9.99 on a patch lead (or, simply bothering to get off your ass to plug in), you’re doing everyone a favor.

In such cases, it can just as well be a problem with the other player’s internet connection: crappy, or already so much used without QOS that’s it’s stretched more than a thong.

For instance, if one’s connection is throwing lots of FEC or if he’s blindly pumping on P2P while playing, or even streaming at the limit of his bandwidth (seen just that, and wanted to punch him more than in-game, especially as he had muted me), that he’s connected wirelessly or not won’t change a thing: there’ll be lots of retries and inflicted lag.

I’m more inclined to run wired because it’s common sense to reserve wireless for what you will carry here and there in your house, and wire everything that’s a heavy brick (you can even go with PLC adapters if you’re a tenant and don’t use VDSL2 [runs on the same bands, and power cables are generally not shielded]). It’s more a matter of spreading potential bottlenecking (GbE wire can just as well drop and retry when pushed- it just takes a switch lacking QOS and a NAS).

Now, running wired network is not a be-all, end-all. It depends on a lot more, and wireless can be set up to work just as well. If you get slideshowy stuttering when playing, wifi is just one of the many usual suspects to check (worthless gameservers is also high on the list, and nothing you can do about, eh Sony? Just as network code puked out by monkeys). And wired can perform just as bad as poor wirelees…

Sure, it can be other things. When you know you can mitigate wifi issues completely, I can’t see why it’s even a question of “well, maybe it isn’t the wifi…” or “I have so many other shitty issues that it negates the wifi problem”

I hear you on the streaming at bandwidth thing though. Becoming a bigger problem week by week, especially when they leave their mic on so you have to endure their bullshit commentary while they play. I think the unofficial courtesy for streaming bandwidths is no more than 80% of your upstream, but again, if they have a garbage connection (so probably shouldn’t be streaming), they’re going to crank that up regardless. Fuck your opponent, right?

There needs to be more etiquette in online gaming in general, but it starts with making the experience as mutually decent as possible.

My point is there’s not necessary any wifi problem. If you don’t have dozens of neighbours using all the channels all the time (less and less of a problem with 5GHz becoming the norm, even though you have to get a separate bridge for current gen consoles to benefit from it), your AP is decent, your network “hygiene” is OK and you’re a tenant, wifi can be an option.

For me, it’s a no brainer, not being a tenant, and my VDSL2 being much faster than the PS4 punny 802.11n. Now, for different folks, just don’t saturate it with your laptop and phone in the meantime, and check if it can (very possibly) be OK. The wifi is not as much of a problem as how you use it. Same as for the wire.

Why a Wired connection is always superior to Wireless?
I can stroll by (on the street) on my laptop, sniff your Wifi packets, crack the Wifi encryption and get onto your network, use your internet and hack your PC and console.
I can’t do that to a length of copper.

I could go and jam wifi. Hotels all the time jam or block personal mobile hot spots so they can force their guess to use their overpriced internet service that bills you by the minute.
It’s alot harder to remotely jam a length of cat 5 cable.

It does not matter how well you maintain your local network, Wifi just has too many flaws, too many exploits, too many unknown variables.
When it comes to competitive game play, “good enough” does not cut it especially with internet/networking.

When I’m on PC and I see “<insert retarded name here>” I usually boot them without question.

This girl from cali came into my lobby and was streaming, im on the east coast but I said what the heck, let me whup this bitch ass and hear her cry over voip… shit was so laggy and she was making up all these excuse and not chalking it up to her shitty stream fucking up the connection. I beat her with jump back + HK over and over lol. She had the fucking nerve to come back and want a runback…

She played Balrog so her IQ level was confirmed to be below that of an average human being.

TL:DR = Streamers are dumb and kick them.

Malacith: I play on wifi, it’s everyone else’s internet that sucks if they can’t beat me.

Scrubquotes never die.

If you configure your network properly and have good hardware, then Wifi works just as good as hard wired. My router is 2 rooms away and I get almost no difference compared to hard wired. You are only as fast as your slowest component.

At the end of the day, it’s just easier to plug in directly and there are less things to worry about. Example, microwaves and baby monitors interfere with wifi.

You made a point and then smashed it to pieces.

There’s a term in AV - drinking champagne out of a paper cup.

You build a super efficient PC or spash out on a shiny console, drop $200+ and hours of research on a fightstick, more on mods, $60 on a fighting game plus god knows what on DLC, updated editions etc, put in a tonne of research on the most lagless TV, with the best gas injected oxygen free HDMI leads, pay the extra for high speed broadband, grind hours on perfecting the crispest of links and the fastest footsies and then cheap out on the PATCH LEAD!? Why? You got so far!

You nearly had it, then at the thought of having to fork out a couple of bucks on a network cable, or the thought of opening up the TV cabinet, at worst, having to route some cable around the sKirtling boards, you’ve left a big “maybe” and “sometimes” in your setup, for literally no reason other than laziness and tightness, absolving yourself with “well, it’s not THAT bad…”

What’s the point?

Question in the title: does it make a difference
Answer: yes. Even the people saying no are bartering a yes into their answers. Why try to justify it?

I’m happy that the house I’m in was wired for Cat5 from the start. The Fios router is tucked away, with a network switch that sends Ethernet to 4 quad boxes around the house. In the basement where the TV and consoles are, I have a 4 port switch where I run my server, PS3 and desktop (had to run a Cat5 cable under the rug and baseboards, but was worth it). So all the important stuff has 1Gbps LAN to make sure to the best of my ability I’m not causing the laggy play

If I ever owned my own house, I would almost feel OCD enough to deem getting into the crawlspaces and attic to run Cat5 jacks to every necessary room in the house as worth it.

Or have my dad do it, since he’s good at this stuff. But either way, it makes networking far better.

RJ-11 jacks are almost needless anymore, so you could almost make ado with convering those if you have them into Cat5 jacks.

My ping test while streaming was like: 9ms 2 jitter and 0 packet loss.

Streaming is fine if you have the upload bandwidth for it.