Does Hayabusa and JLF use same Spring?

The Spring in my JLF joystick feels loose and I think I need to get a new Spring. I have a Hayabusa Joystick unused at the moment, does it use the same Spring as the JLF joystick?

good question.

I changed the JLF spring into my hayabusa and it seems a bit stiffer now. That could be placebo, but I’ve compared it to my other HRAP and I believe it is actually stiffer.

You might find the information you’re looking for here:

So what I gather from reading is that the Hayabusa Spring is looser than the one in JLF. I guess I just have to order a new Spring.

just try out the hayabusa spring for a few days, if you dont like it, put it back. easy procedure.

For me, looser springs are better for hitting corners than stiffer springs.

i heard a lot of the pieces on the hayabusa are similar to jlfs, i don’t know about the spring or its tension, but i hear the hayabusa is stiffer than a jlf, but softer than a ls-32. from most people’s reviews/opinions they like the lever a lot.