Does he really have an infinite and why does he suck?

I heared his infinite is repeating an otg LK,MK into his HCB punch special in a corner, dont really think it is an infinite though.
Also I heared that Sabertooth was alot better in X-men vs Street Fighter. What changed in MVC2?

Does anyoneknow about any cool vids for sabertooth?

That is a infinite but you have to do it after a corner throw off the ground and time it correctly.

Well he doesn’t really suck IMO but he doesn’t have air mobility other than a wall jump.

He also has a standing infinite on sentinal.

Here are some good stuff about sabretooth:

  • Can build alot of meter very fast by jumping back and doing heavy kick twice

  • If you hit a assist with beserker claw you can cancel into super into hyper sentinal force to punish the assist since it makes them bounce up

  • If sent ever does a standing rocket punch on your character to chip without any meter you can counter into sabretooth expansion and possibly into a super. (watch out for assists tho)

  • ground throw builds 4 fierce’s worth of meter

  • Ground throw into hp beserker claw (otg) gives them a reason to roll to you which gives you a opportunity to cross up which is VERY hard to block with sabretooth because he has good walking speed. A good set up is: ground throw, let them roll to you while holding back, when they are about to get up walk foward OR stay back and c. lk into bnb leading into super

  • c. lk, c. mk, standing hp (1 hit) xxx lp beserker claw xxx weapon x super does around 76 damage which is comparable to cyclops bnb combo

  • Jumping hk has a huge hit box and hits really low to the ground, however it doesn’t have many active frames iirc

  • His extra action glitch which to my knowledge only he and shuma have is useful. Whenever you do a kick while normal jumping you get a extra action this is how you are able to do jump back hk x 2

  • When jumping over someone do a kick and if you recover on the other side of the opponent sabretooth will turn around and face them as if he did a air dash or was in super jump mode and allow you to hit them.

  • Hyper Birdie does good chip and is nearly unpunishable by all except cable’s ahvb but must be set up into (usually by the block stun of sent’s drone or other assist) it usually pushes them into a full screen distance away which is where it is really hard to punish

  • projectile assist has great trapping potential and you can almost call it out again because the projectiles hit a while after they are leaving the screen. However magneto and storm can crouch it.

  • expansion assist is very hand when used with instant overheads that have alot of hit stun (enough for it to hit) because you can usually land and launch much easier than with psylocke for example. However expansion assist/beserker claw is low priority

  • his launcher recovers very fast when using the df+hp command and comes out in 5 frames aswell but if you do it normally it’s 9 frames iirc

  • corner infinite should be able to be done to 100% damage or close

I have some new advanced tricks ones that work really well on sent if anyone wants to hear them i’ll prolly post em. He works pretty well with tronne v aswell because he can keep them in block stun for a while and you can try to use the extra action glitch cross up.

You can also call hyper birdie while they are hit by tronne and if you are push blocked you can call birdie and try to get back in.

Cant they just roll out of the infinite though?
What does bnb and iirc mean?

bnb =bread and butter
IIRC = if i remember correctly

You can juggle by hitting the opponent on certain frames when they are landing on the ground. Also sabretooth has a special property on his wild fang, it’s unrollable at least I think so, the computer on safe fall cannot roll out and my friend never rolled out whenever I hit it on him.

Infinite just doesn’t work on all the characters.

Ok, so does anyone haveany cool match videos with him?

Is it just me, or is Sabertooth’s sent only infinite really hard? I just can’t seem to connect the lks on the rejump. Also the timing to hit the lk after the hk is also pretty tight to me. Any advice on this?