Does hitting an arcade stick button break the button?


Okay well i have the SE street fighter iv stick and my X button fucked up after like two weeks. My friend thinks it broke just cuz im bad with arcade sticks but i think its the cheap buttons. Does it make a difference?


If it’s stock madcatz buttons, that’s your problem. They don’t last long AT ALL. Swap in some sanwas.


if i get a job, i probably plan to get an SE, but i dont have a clue where to order Sanwa parts.


Yeah the standard SE buttons are complete garbage. Mine stopped working day 1. Swap all that shit out for sanwa or seimetsu ASAP.

Also to answer your whole question:

For parts, go to either the Trading post or tech talk and look for LizardLick, Ponyboy, or Akihabara Shop. In the Joystick FAQ thread in tech talk there’s links to all their threads and shops.



ive but a good 10 hours on my stock se parts and there still working fine.
and ive got angry more than a few time and taken it out on the stick.
if you know what i mean…
but i still plan on buy some sanwa buttons when these do start to give out.


after a month the madcatz stock buttons felt like they had rocks inside them when i pushed them.