Does hk drones work good agaianst rushdown characters?

I was told that hk drones work good against magento(i havent tried it out yet) so i was wondering would it work good against other rushdown characters too?

I’ve seen them worek a couple times… but I wouldnt whore them against a rushdown.

I think its better for covering your head. The lk drones are good for grounded opponents. But thats what I’ve been seeing when I play other sentinels with my mag.

so an occasiona hk drones would be better instead of a reacurance of drones

do it when theyre jumping in at you . try it on fagbert cuz he zig zags. haha it says your a member under your name.

I use HK drones in a state of emergency when im getting rushed down badly and they seem to come out quick and give me time to jump away . So they are an option . By the way are you a member ? It says it over your avatar .