Does HSD Timer Not Fully Reset After Resets?

I’ve been trying a few resets with Dante involving Hammer, and I can’t get the combo post-air Reset to land, but landing it pre-air Reset is easy enough. I’ve been that HSD does not fully reset after resets? Is this true? Is there a discussion on this somewhere that I missed?

From what I’ve seen, comboing opponents from an air-to-air hit increases hit stun deterioration.

That’s all i know.

What combo are you trying to do? I don’t really know the specifics, but I do know that Cold Shower, Prop Shredder, super jump, hammer, cold shower, prop shredder, super jump, hammer works fine. Not a very good combo, but it works.
However, if you start the combo off with the hammer, the opponent will tech out of the second Prop Shredder for some reason.

Air to air and anti-air combos start off with more hitstun scaling than if both characters were on the ground.

Starting the combo with a Hard Knockdown and OTG’ing also creates a lot of hitstun scaling early on. How you start the combo has a lot to do with HSD and how much you have.