Does IM do anything better?



than like characters

like nova, mag, doom etc.
in other words, y pick up IM over other chars who do something similar


Mainly because he has some of the game’s better assists. Strangely enough combining Doom and Iron Man on the same team gives you a pretty well rounded mix of assists to choose from.

As far as his point game…no there’s not much reason to use him on point over other characters unless you just like him. There’s theories about his repulsor blast assist being good for helping characters deal with Morrigan + Missiles and generally a lot of interesting tech that’s been found with that assist that could prove to be useful in the future. He does a better job on point with dealing with super jump height stuff than Doom does, but unfortunately Magneto takes care of super jump height stuff better than both of them.


he has the best set of normal out of all of them


Proton Cannon


Ironman normals are certainly not the best of that group.


cr.B is better than all of Nova’s and Doom’s ground normals. The only reason Magneto’s st.H is better is because it OS with grab and starts up way to fucking fast…Iron Man has better air normals than Magneto though. I could see the argument for either side really. Unibeam is a better assist than Plasma Beam imo. Iron Man also gets bitches. All legit reasons to pick him over Magneto/Nova/Doom


Plasma beam is objectively better than unibeam in the vast majority of situations, and claiming Iron Man cr.b to be better than Nova’s slide tells me you really don’t know much about the character. A very important part of ground normals is movement that lets you use them, which is why wesker cr.b is so good, and Tony probably has the worst ground movement in the game making the majority of his ground normals pretty bad.


I play Nova a good amount. I’m not an expert on the character but I know his stuff. Nova’s slide is good but it has more start-up and worse recovery. Him having bad ground movement does not make his ground normals bad…it makes hit mobility bad and the normal harder to use effectively.
I’ll take Unibeam over Plasma Beam all day since it locks down longer, is easier to hit-confirm off, does less hits, doesn’t scale HSD as much and keeps them grounded.


Same amount of hits slower startup appears on a worse part of the screen. Who has the best sweep in sf4, akuma or balrog right? In reality goukens is the best data wise but his movement makes it worse, ground speed is very important in judging ground normals. If you really believe iron mans CR.b is better than novas slide than you’ve got some rose tinted glasses on.


I can believe that. People have been telling me that since I was trying to convince everyone Thor was actually good in vanilla. :lol:


Whats so good about IM cr.m? You can’t even hit confirm off it, not to mention it requires specific spacing to combo into launch and KK.


Well To me his playstyle is the male morrigan. All his specials and normals push enemies away. His zone and keep away is simpler than hers. And his damage is easier in my opinion. Iron Man can control space and the air very well.


I love Thor :frowning: I want to try to make him work, I do think he’s pretty bad though.


Iron Man doesn’t do anything better than Magneto, Doom, or Nova. He’s a very average character. He’s got some solid tools but really doesn’t excel at anything. Most people play him for his assist or out of character loyalty. I don’t think he’s being slept on or complete garbage, just really, really average.

Repulsar Blast and Air Smart Bomb H are pretty fucking good though.

His wavedash is trash though. I try to understand WHY Capcom made it so bad and I just can’t. Why is Deadpool’s so good and Iron Man’s so bad? Why? WHY WHY WHY IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.


So IM is basically a tank magneto?


Well its 3f startup and its pretty hilarious to hit Captain America out of Hyper Charging Star and Viper out of EX Seismo with it I guess.


How are you hitting Viper out of EX Seismo when it’s invincible from frame 1?


I meant EX Thunder Knuckle my bad.


so, there is literally no reason to pick up ironman unless you want those assists?

i would put him with viper instead of magneto but magneto is apparently way better even if disruptor is kind of weak for viper in terms of combos, but i have a feeling ironman is a whole different character with drones packing him… which is what i have in mind. still not as good as magneto, but good.


He’s a really fun character to play and is Tony Stark and is a badass so you should play him for these reasons.