Does Inthul play sports?

Lame question but when I seen the crowd reaction of him playing against Sanford, his forearms were pretty jacked.

dude are you like… *limp wrist?

It’s just nice to know that there are top ranked players who are active and who can at least curl a 10 lbs. dumbbell.

ur acting like all the american players do is sit in front of there tvs all day playing ssf4… most of them have lives outside of video games as well as jobs, why do u think that because there good at a video game they cant go to the gym a few times a week or play some sort of sport?

he said in an interview that he did jkd, jkd man need strong forearms to use sticky arm techniques and trapping the oponent

thread is homo.

nothing wrong if thats what youre into though

Do you think Inthul dates often? He plays the game often so I don’t think he would have enough time to fuck.

This is the dumbest thread I’ve ever seen.

Stick around, Samurai, we’ll be discussing/speculating his caloric intake soon enough. It’s sure to be very fascinating.

On most men you’ll find one forearm usually jacked

Ahhhhh hahahhaa. This thread is the awesome.

I just got the morning wood


I bet I’d feel safe in his strong arms.


Does Marn play sports?

Reno, Linthul’s pulsating arms are from training extensively and relentlessly. His workouts include a warm up of p90X, swimming laps around Michael Phelps, training Shaun T for his Insanity workouts, eating alot of protien for the strongman olympics, bench pressing a buick, lifting up 400 pound firestone tires, all of this before breakfast, which includes five whey protien bags. Not to mention he owns and endorses skylabs. He also practices the malbourne shuffle doing rekkas like fei long in real life.

can we please stop bumping this POS thread… and yes i realize i jsut bumped it, but its for a good reason.