Does it matter that I hold my stick this way?


I’m tripping on all this stick holding talk. Lots of people say to hold it like daigo, saying switching to it improved their execution. Others say it doesn’t matter, do what’s comfortable. Unfortunately holding it like daigo feels very uncomfortable, hand feels too wide and my thumb feels too long and pointy to grip with it and jumping to the right feels more strenuous. I prefer to have my hand over the top of it using my thumb, index and middle, feels more stable. But after watching 20 hand play videos I’ve yet to see a single player without it resting to the side… I really hate being OCD with efficiency, doesn’t matter how menial this is, I need certainty. Thanks for your time.


At the end of the day you want to be comfortable, but you also don’t want your grip to be too loose. The only issue I can see with your hand over the top of the ball is that you might let go of the stick completely whenever you do a move and that’s a no go. You always want to have full control over your stick and the movement of your character at all times and if you let go of the stick completely, then you won’t have that control. If you can maintain that control while feeling comfortable while playing and executing your moves, you should be fine. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to hold a stick. The important thing is to make sure you are comfortable and have full control over your movements while playing.


Is letting go really that bad?

I tend to release and regrab after executions, so the stick goes neutral, and I don’t get accidental shortcuts and buffered moves.

I also have to switch grips depending on the side I’m playing, it’s become a natural thing, but without it I fail inputs.


JUst practice do doing movement, motions, combos etc in such a way that feels comfortable for you where you also can perform these things fast, snappy and consistent. I led my hand rest on the stick and grab it with my thumb, index and middle finger from the side. I led it rest because it is less tiring for longer sessions. One Handed Terror, though he doesn’t have a full hand, he also has his hand on top of the ball without resting it on the side, though it is more a necessity for him than a choice.

Daigo seems to use the tip of his thumb whhile having his entire hand to the side and the shaft of the balltop between his pinky and ringfinger, i feel it is pretty annoying to hold it this way. It is what works for you.

I imagine the way you hold it you have to shift your entire wrist and even arm for most motions while letting the hand rest on the side you mainly use only your fingers, which is alot faster for motions to the left. To the right a bit more force of the wrist is required and a bit of the arm.

Anyway i hold my stick loose-ish until i input any movement, i just let my hand rest tbh, also this way of holding it is easy to perform dashes to the left and right. To the left i just tap it with my thumb and roll my hand a bit to give some extra force behind my thumb, to the right i tap it with with the first bones of my middle and index finger. I can go indepth on how i perform every motion but i all figured it out by simply practicing and what works and what doesn’t for ME. Everyone has their own preferences and if you feel that is comfortable/natural, which is what is most important, then stick with it.


If you let go completely, as in no part of your hand is still on the stick, then that’s bad because that’s the moment when you don’t have control.

The way I hold my stick is by having the stick between my middle and ring finger and I hold the ball with my index and thumb. When I want the stick to go to neutral, I let go using my index and thumb but the stick is still between my fingers.

Just like when you are driving a car after a right turn and you want to have the steering wheel to neutral. You don’t let go of the wheel completely to do that because you wouldn’t have control of the car if you do that right? Same thing with the stick.