Does Joe have a crossup?

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I’m fairly new to CVS2, trying to inject a bit of variety into my Joe game. Started playing C/S - Joe. I’m not sure whether this was posted or not but…

Does Joe have a crossup? I feel I’m getting too predictable with my poke strings/pressure combos. I have pretty much a 50/50 chance when mixing it up between pokes, c.rh, and throws. My problem is mainly against characters w/ good high priority wakeups. I’m not really sure what to do here; I can’t think of much other than to back off and throw out Hurricanes from a distance.

However, this isn’t really an optimal strategy. 2 out of 3 possible outcomes cause the match to essentially reset; the last causes the match to swing in your opponent’s favor:

(1) Hurricanes Hit; you recover just as the opponent recovers, maybe a few frames sooner. But you are now 2/3 screen away. Match is reset. You need to work your way back in w/ poke strings, etc to get the next knockdown.

(2) Hurricanes Blocked: It pushes opponent away (unless in corner), causes minor chip damage. Follow up with…? RH slide?

(3) Opponent RCs: you completely lose your momentum if they RC a quick special move (e.g., RC Yun Lunge Punch, RC Blanka Ball, RC Hurricane Kick). Against a good RCer, it’s no longer safe to pressure with Hurricanes. But now we’re back to square 1, the 50/50 poke string/throw mixup game.

Thus, I started picking up S-Joe for the dodge/charge mixup bit, but I really miss the ability to sit on a lvl 3 Double Tornado.

I was wondering, does Joe have any crossup whatsoever? I would think it would greatly improve his pressure/rushdown game if he does.

Otherwise, what’s the best way to add variety to Joe’s pressure/poke game? Corpse-hopping dashes in C-groove? Corpse-hopping LK Golden Heel Flips (what I do now, to some extent)? I’m thinking of mixing in a few RC Crazy Hands to increase my options, but it’s not an option in S-groove.

Or maybe I’m just being too predictable?

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  • Mr. Sparkle

cross over

after many encounters of getting punished…don’t jump!! that’s what your slash kick and heel kick are for. if you must jump in, use either lk or mk. once you land start poking with if at all possible, try not to jump with Joe, it’s not worth it. to finally answer your question, Joe does not have a cross over.

I’m no expert but here’s what I’ve observed.

Let’s say you get a knockdown, you have options…do i rush over and hope i catch them with a combo on wake up or do i stay away and throw fireballs (HP)? A majority of characters have wake- up supers that will put you on your backside so why push it. Keep your distance and throw fireballs. If they hit, you’ve forced them to block and effect their stun damage, also you’re safe. I don’t know of anyone’s super that can travel through both of Joes’ HP fireballs. Also, don’t wait until their about to stand up to throw them, do it as soon as you get a knockdown then get away. if you’re not a full screen away use MP fireballs.
I wouldn’t call a poke. it’s a knockdown, but not a poke. use s.lkx2, now theres’ a poke string. don’t just throw out and hope for another knockdown. you do that and you’ll regret it. i play joe safe if i’m workin up my supers…once i get a level 3, i can apply some pressure. i think the flash kick and heel flips are merely for covering distance. you might get lucky and use the heel flip over an opponent’s fireball and catch them, but it’s tricky to time. there’s alot of info about Joe elsewhere, check out as well as older threads here. keep practicing. i play joe alot so keep the thread goin.

usaulally after his double hp hurricane i hk slash kick you’ll find that most people would block it and some get hit but if they catch on just use either lk or mk to make them wiff.I also find his to be very good and his they are great counter attack options another great counter is his hk staight up jump for anti-air strikes.I taunt alot just cause he has such a cool taunt and really great for mind games.I trust you can use these in a way to suit your style.

Any Joe questions refer to this thread.

As far as a crossup with Joe goes, not really. Sometimes the jumping foward will crossup but not very often. Joe is a ground opponent and does not need to jump in the first place. Stay grounded and you will be fine.

Thanks Jae.