Does JR. RODRIGUEZ still play as Akuma

As he was the one who made me like to watch Akuma being played in 3S

I know Heisn Chang still plays, as Ken but what about JR ?

There’s plenty of time to do all the inputs during the kick.

Holy fuck he destroyed F3S but got beat by PyroLee, anymore vids of him

This isn’t a very new video. I haven’t seen or heard from JR in a while, but that doesn’t mean that he’s quit or stop playing Akuma all together. There’s a tournament at FFA tonight that I might go to. I’ve never met him but if I do and I see him there then I’ll tell you guys.

I played him earlier this year (May I think) at Regency, so if he quit it was fairly recently.

I wouldn’t say a LOT of time, u need to be very, very fast to get that SA connects in that way (hk, RD) but u dont need to be that fast when you do it hiding the lp’s.
Its even easiear to cancel the --> RD (>mp, RD) (not: lp, lp, > + mp, lk, hp)

I disagree. I can do far hk and dash up demon, but I can’t even get close to finishing the inputs before the second part of the I can cancel it at the very end, but if they block it will have already hit them so there’s no point.

co sign.

I’ve been doing dash demons and RH demons for ages without problems. But cancelling f+mp without hiding jabs first is hands down the most difficult demon to execute.

Did he even go to Evo-West? I’d realy like to see an American Akuma get placed high in a tournament. Where is Hsien from again?