Does kara throw not work on 2df?

i’ve been trying to do it on my keyboard and on my stick. no success at all. is it because i am not doing it right or because it doesn’t work on 2df? thanks.

it doesn’t work on 2df where you been:rolleyes:

heh. kinda new to the emulation world. is there a reason it doesn’t work? how about ggpo or mame?

I’m just joking. Of course it works.

Yeah. I was doing it last night to people. It works.

do you regularly go on forums and make useless sarcastic remarks, or is this a one time thing?

I usually really don’t. Then again I usually don’t see threads such as this one. You could have logged on to 2df and tried it (you said you can do it offline) in half the time it took you to create this thread. IIRC 2df has even a play alone mode.

never said i could do it offline. i’ve been trying it with no success both on single player and multi. just trying to figure out if its because of 2df or because of my execution. a straight answer would have sufficed.

Have you ever tried it on a console / arcade mode?

Either way, yes it works just fine on any emulator. If your keyboard is bad (will only let you press 2 - 3 keys at once), then it’ll be impossible.

Since you’re using a stick, I can execute it consistently on my Hori EX2.

Practice with Q or Chun, you’ll probably get it on your stick sooner or later.