Does ken have what it takes to win in the long run?



as the title suggests my fellow crimson brothers. does ken really have the qualifications to win a major?

lets face reality guys. SF IV is basically turning into super knockdown fighter four. and although ken set ups are good and all, i would like to say they aren’t in league with other characters who specialize in okizeme. and combine this with ken other problems such as slow walkspeed, getting zoned out, no real comeback factor ( yes his ultra 2 have one solid set up that requires you use low forward and have 2 bars. but look at other characters such as ryu who have 1 billion ways to utilize ultra 1 ), and the fact he BARELY beats any characters, and you just get a character that is solid but not quite capable of hanging in the big leagues.

so i would just like to know how my brothers feel about this subject.


i feel the same as you. I dont think he is worthy enough anymore. I’ve been maining ken since vanilla and i dont think he has the tools to win. he does have a good mix up game, but getting in to the opponent is always a struggle. he does have a step kick, but i feel as if it gets beaten a lot of the times to other characters normals. I think i might pick up another character…


Imo … Ken Can win a major if its single elimination one game sbo tougeki style… on the long run against good player - I highly doubt it …


yea, i’ve been considering dropping ken for yun since i feel he’s a better tournament character. i’m glad to know y’all feel the same. like i said before, len isn’t bad by any means. but i think i agree with the general opinion that he is too damn fair. plus he have some bad match ups vs popular tournament characters ( akuma, cammy, geif ). idk guys…i’ll always have love for the character, but i think i may move on to yun.


until a Ken starts making Top 8 at majors on a consistent basis, he does not have what it takes to win a major.
i don’t really believe in Tier Lists, the only List that i believe in is actual Results.
the most consistent characters that place high in majors are Fei Long, Akuma, Cammy, Rufus and C.Viper.

you can never argue with results so until someone proves us wrong, Ken is not good enough.



…Anybody up for Akuma mirrors? :stuck_out_tongue:

inb4 Akuma mains come in and tell us to stay off of their highways.


I’m down.


akuma is my secondary so i’m down as well.


I thought it was the player, not the character, or this is one of those moments where the character actually plays a role, as better said, “You wanna win? Pick top tier.”


well thats a good point. i’ve always wanted to believe that its the player, not the character but there are tons of talented Ken players but the farthest Ken has ever made it was when Momochi brought Ken to grandfinals at Seasons Beatings. i must mention that this was in SSFIV (Ken’s best version). i also must mention this wasn’t the strongest field of players in a major either.

  1. GamerBee (Adon)
  2. Momochi (Ken, Akuma)
  3. EG.Justin Wong (Rufus, Makoto, Balrog, Cammy)
  4. TS.Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Dhalsim, Rose)
  5. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
  6. EMP.Sanford Kelly (Sagat, C. Viper)
  7. EMP.Dieminion (Guile)
  8. FYC.MarlinPie (Cammy)

other than that, the 2nd best Ken showing ever was done by DRS Chris, getting Top 17 at EVO.


A Ken player with very strong fundamentals can go far. With the advantages in zoning and power Ryu and Akuma have, that same Ken player can go farther with those characters.

That being said, if a top player gets bored and switches to Ken for a major and ends up winning, I’ll buy a hat just so I can eat it.


I love Ken but in this game, there are better characters. All Ryu has to do to land an ultra is a DP. All his links are really easy.


At this point its all pretty much Akuma.

Ryu is not going to get you any further than Ken, if anything it’s harder unless you’re playing Ryu at Daigo’s level.

No other Ryu player seems to be doing as well with the amount of nerfs he’s received since SF4.


It takes a special kind of person to main Akuma: the bad kind.

But what really takes the cake is the Akuma alt. I just have one thing to ask them, how does it feel to be a race-traitor? Because that’s what you are: a traitor to your race.

The human race.


momochi did bring ken to grand finals in sb true … but he also got man handled by the big dogs in gods garden that same year…
He also won a Korean major with ken that year… forgot the name of the event … but he got first place even tho mago was there too.


An Akuma alt just sounds like self-sabotage to me unless you’re someone like Laugh. (And even then I question the wisdom of it).
As far as Ken (and Ryu) goes, I think a lot of it is just the players. It’s hard at high level, no, doubt, both are so goddamn fair, but they’re both capable of winning vs. anyone. And even then, the problem only exists at the absolute top level. Any lower, Ken and Ryu are just fine.


I’d recommend to use Akuma a little, you learn to fight carefully and risk when you can make more damage… that improves your Ken a lot.


You might also get addicted to the walk speed, though :stuck_out_tongue:


i tried akuma, he just wasn’t for me oddly enough since my ken is very oki centric which akuma excel at.


I Would never pick akuma … its been personal since 3rd strike days … cheap bastard