Does Killer Instinct still have the most impressive graphics in a 2d fighter?

I think it does. The GG sprites may be high res but they just dont have that breathtaking animation, detail in the stages, and slick rendering that KI had that makes it look imperssive even by todays standards.

Kinda amazing and/or pathetic consiering KI came out in what, 95? or was it 94???

How about, “HELL NO!”?

… No, not even KI 2.

it’s not impressive by today’s standards either.

EDIT: I should clarify this. By “either”, I mean it’s graphics aren’t the most impressive in a 2D fighter, and they aren’t impressive by today’s standards either. Back in the day I thought they were good, but there are better things now.


#r is best looking, what you smoking.

ki = cgi animated crap ala mk characters…

MK2 looks better than KI and I don’t think either of those games have impressive grahpics.

Third Strike is good too, but either Guilty Gear or Rumble Fish (from what I’ve seen of it) have the best 2d grapics out there.

3S, GG, TRF have the “highest quailty” graphics.

I think 3s has the best graphics. #R’s hi-resness is nice, but their sprite animation isn’t so hot, nor their level of detail.

And I don’t see how you can think KI still looks good :confused:

No, but it is still a great game.

GG and 3S have “better graphics” from a technical standpoint.

but fighting on top of orchids stage, rotating around it with clean animations, seeing a movie screen in the background showing your fight in the detailed-city, and then being knocked off a building and falling into a car is just so cool and “wowish”.

From a technical standpoint i cant really argue that an old ass game has “better” graphics" than these games with really good sprites, i mean thats not even a matter of opinion. but what im talkin about is the WOW factor, and no game has made me WOW like KI. I mean the game is just fun to look at, in a way that even games with better graphics dont pull off. so im givin it props

WTF? KI1 and 2 didnt look better than the other games even back then (AOF1-3, SS3, CVS1-2, MK2 all look better). Nowadays, with SF3 and TRF, the KI series looks even worse.

I dunno…I thought KI looked pretty dope when it first came out…It just looks like shit now.

“Technicallly better?”

How about “just plain better?”

MK2 > KI 1,2,Gold

Guess everyone is just too damn cool to admit that KI had good graphics back in the day.

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I know when I first saw it I was impressed. Also I am not talking about the SNES version either because if you did then you are an idiot.

KI arcade had sweet graphics for 94’. So stop trying to be an eltist douchebag and hating on everything.

exactly… so stop the hate

I wouldn’t call that graphics.


Even though I’m biased because KI is one of my favorite games, you all need to hop in a time machine back to 1994 if you think KI didn’t have good graphics for that time…:confused:

Maybe you guys are thinking of the SNES version, which did have horrible graphics…


Now Dead Or Alive. . .that game has some graphics.

What’s TRF?