Does Lizard Lick usually send you shipping confirmation?

I placed an order friday and am yet to get any confirmation from them save for from paypal. Do they usually send tracking info to you? Just anxious for my parts

He has hundreds of orders that came in over the weekend. Normally Chad (guy from Lizardlick) sends your stuff out the day after you place your order, I’ve ordered 3 times from him in the last year and every time I’ve gotten confirmation and my order shipped and arrived extremely quick. But due to the high amount of demand and orders he’s received in the last few days he’s a little behind. Relax, you’ll get your stuff soon, he just needs some time to breathe and get everyone’s orders out. I ordered a bunch of shit on sunday and honestly I don’t expect it until next week. Also monday was a holiday for the mail service, so that set everything back a day shipping wise. Next time read the lizard lick thread…

Chad is an A+ guy to deal with. Every order has come in good time, all as described, e-mails answered in a reasonable time-frame.

I put in my order on the 13th too now is the 17th and still hasnt been ship out . Its been 4 days, whats going on chad

You do realize just SF4 shipped and most people on this planet have a penchant for procrastination. Meaning he got a shitload of orders probably in the last 14 days. This isn’t Walmart, Amazon or Gamestop. They don’t have a million minions to do the work. It’s a pretty honest business, and they are 100% solid from what I hear. Be patient.

Hell I put in an order 5 days ago at Akihabara shop and it’s still pending. I’m not about to go question the service of Akihabara now am I? The demand is high. Just hold up. Fighters are dusting off their joysticks and cracking their knuckles. It’s Street Fighter 4 baby. Get the fuck in line! lol

you have all the right to question where you items at just because you pay for them shit

They are a small operation, and have been overwhelmed with an absurd amount of orders.

Be patient. You’ll get your order.

Sure you have the right to question, but the answer in this case is obvious: they’re being processed and will ship out as soon as possible. Chad from LizardLick posted so himself in the actual lizardlick thread.

Plus if you ordered on the 13th it has been four actual days, but only one BUSINESS day. You were one of 900+ people who ordered over the 4-day weekend. Friday your order came in, and saturday/sunday/monday the post offices were closed so there was no way he could ship any orders out. So long as you got the Paypal payment confirmation email your order is fine, it’s just being processed at the moment.

I’m in the same boat. I ordered on the 14th, and no shipping email yet. Just hang tight. I don’t plan on worrying about it unless next Monday comes and I still don’t get a shipping email.

You couldn’t have emailed lizard lick or asked in the thread?

You had to make a thread just to show you are impatient? Really?

Yeah. just not on this forum. Why do you guys think otherwise? oO Even when I lurked here for years this puzzled the hell out of me.

yep i’m waiting on my 6 sanwa buttons :smiley: but i understand that he may be covered up with all the orders with release of sfiv and people wanting to mod\upgrade their sticks.

well i am not the one who made the thread, i tag in it since someone had started it. nothing wrong in my part. And on top of that this in an open forum, anyone can post anything here.

Not really, you have to sign up, be approved and sign a ToS. Your rights to post her can be revoked.

To all the people complaining about LizardLick. What are you guys? 7 years old? Can’t you piece 2 and 2 together? This was your first order there right? Why did you place that order? Now think how many people where thinking that exact same thing.

Like someone said this isn’t wal-mart. It’s a small operation dealing in arcade parts, how many orders in a week do you think a small arcade part vendor gets? It’s like walking into Best Buy on Black Friday and complaining that there is a line. Of course theres a line.

Sometimes you’ll get an e-mail confirmation where it just says:

“We got your order but you suck and we won’t be shipping it to you. Fuck you.”

Seriously though Lizard Lick rules and if you have the audacity to bash them, you must also have the audacity to suck.