Does lower game speed reduce lag and rollbacks?

I’ve discussed this with a few of my more technically oriented friends and they seem to think that it should. The game is moving slower, so the connection has more time to catch up with it right?

I’ve done some tests at Turbo 0 online and it seems like I almost never have any rollbacks, and the lag is minimal. Of course, this might just be a coincidence or my own bias for the test.

Of course, Turbo 0 is VERY slow. I think it’s slower than World Warrior speed. That said, I have no problems with it. Some of my friends have said it is just too slow, but Turbo 1 was fine. I think Turbo 1 is about CE or original Super speed.

If this really works then it would be beneficial to players who have troubles getting a good connection between the US, Europe, and Japan. I’d trade speed for solidarity any day.

Does anybody know for sure that this works or doesn’t and can give a technical explanation why?

Turbo 0 does not reduce lag or rollbacks. It may mitigate the effects of lag or rollbacks.

I see that this explains how online play may seem faster than offline when it is really not, but can you please explain how lower speeds may not reduce the effects of lag or rollbacks?

It would seem to me that if the game moves at 1.5 timer ticker per second at Turbo 1 and 1.9 at Turbo 3 then that would mean that every bit of the game also runs slower right? Even down to the window of time for a 1-frame reversal would be just a little bit longer. But is that difference enough to lower the amount of input lag required to disguise the discrepancy between what happening on the two players screens?

And I really don’t see how Turbo 0 could actually hurt the connection. Is the games netcode optimized for turob 3?

Yes. <–joke respose

Personally on GGPO slower turbos make a more playable match when the ping starts to get higher than 200. However, GGPO tends to stutter when it catches up, where as HDR just does a rollback.

Don’t tend to see rollbacks on GGPO. Not sure if I’ve seen even one.

I said that it wouldn’t reduce lag, but might mitigate the effects. You’re basically trying to play off two different kinds of slowness against each other, and that will lead to wierdness.

In practical terms: each turbo step besides the one from 0 to 1 corresponds to skipping one additional frame for every 32 that are shown - about 2 per second. Simple reactions take about 11 frames, and choice reactions take about 20 frames. So stepping down from turbo 4 to turbo 1 is going to be 1-2 fewer skipped frames in those two windows. Or about 15-30 ms - ping times are round trip, so it’s effectively going to offset 30-60 ms of ping to scale over the entire interval that you can use - with people accustomed to turbo 3, that range is even smaller. If you’re talking about big ping times. Even if it works well, the payoff is pretty marginal if you’re looking at 100ms ping times.

Rollbacks chop frames off the front of moves, while turbo pulls them spread over the move. Certain moves - like Honda’s FP headbutt have important disctinctive frames at the beginning that people spot. Once you get past about 70 ms ping times, he doesn’t raise his hands before charging anymore and gets a lot harder to deal with.

A much bigger problem with lag is that it’s inconsistent. Tweaking the turbo settings won’t do anything to help with that.

P.S. I recently tested, and even at higher turbo settings, the game continues to sample at 60 Hz, so turbo will turn some 2-frame windows into 1-frame windows, or 1-frame windows into 0 frame windows, rather than shortening all windows evenly.

I understand much better now.

Regarding the frame skipping in ST/HDR:

Is it possible that if a move is only one or two frames long, and those frames happen to be the 2 of those that are skipped out of 32 frames at Turbo 3, then move won’t even display on the screen? It will still happen I suppose, but the game will just skip over the animation. Is this right?

Basically. The game also ‘skips’ over input, and it won’t skip consecutive frames for turbo.

Ah I see.

This is rather interesting. It means that aside from simply being faster, the Turbo and normal speeds actually have very slightly different gameplay. On the Turbo settings occasionally a move and the frameskipping will match up just right and you’ll get a particularly fast and nasty version of a special that comes out 1 frame faster. Boxer’s dash punches that seem to occasionally rip out of nowhere come to mind.

use a lag-switch thats what nappyNIGHTMARES uses to prevent or reduce lag/rollbacks!