Does maining a console character hurt our arcade gameplay?

So like most of you here, I main Sak. When I say ‘main’, I mean I study and practice matchups, learn what normals beat which specials, when to do what combo, when and after what moves by myself and my opponent will leave me at frame advantages and disadvantages, etc etc…

With all the time spent making sure I know Sak, I haven’t really spent as much time learnIng anyone else. I mean, I know the combos, basic strategies and tactics for shotos (since a lot carries over from previous games), but in terms of frame data and move-specific counters, I’m at a relative loss.

There wasn’t a more obvious time than last night to see the results. I went to a local arcade and came to the realization that our favorite schoolgirl was not selectable (I knew she wasn’t prior to going) and immediately was at a loss as to whom to use. I ended up using Ryu since I believe myself competent with him…but being competent in this competitive scene was no where near cutting it.

Long story short, do you guys have an arcade-specific main that you’ve devoted just as much time to? If not, I suggest you pick one up…

I mess around with Bison. Oddly, I can play him with some decency on 360 but not at all on PS3.

I figure I’ll just wait for the next iteration and hope that Sakura makes it onto the arcade roster. I tried messing around with ken and akuma, but I end up trying to play them both like Sakura and it doesn’t work out so well.

I don’t mess with any console character seriously because like what you noticed; when you go to an arcade, you can’t use your main character there.

IMO it’s kinda useless to dedicate yourself strictly to a console character unless you’re an online player only.

I only fuck wit arcade characters.

Yeah, see, I thought that was cool until I got my ass handed to me (albeit they were friggin’ pros). I mean, they all had their mains, but I’ll never forget this one moment that spoke so clearly as to what seperates the elite from the scrubs…

This dhalsim player was on a 13 game winstreak but he had to piss, so he looks over to his friend, who mains a mean-ass viper, and told him to ‘stall’ until he gets back from the bathroom. The guy shrugs his shoulders and says “I’ll try, but I don’t use dhalsim”. You know how the guy ‘stalled’? Teleport~headbutt~forward kic~yoga flame combos over and over again. Now, for those who’ve dabbled in dhalsim, forward kick into yoga flame is hard as shit. Seriously. But these guys know so much about the characters that execution is no longer a hindrance…using the bathroom is.

Sufficed to say, I tried the combo for 2 hours last night.

Epic. Fail.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Sakura is cool and all, but did we shoot ourselves in the foot by maining a console character?

Well, the only option I have is to play on online. I live in the Fort Worth area of TX and the only offline matches here are held in Dallas and those guys are so far over my skill level, that it would be a waste of their time for me to try and attend, not to mention the drive. So for me, Sakura is fine as my main.

Well the only answer is yes. It doesn’t hurt your arcade play…it makes it non-exsistant. I’ve been maining Chun since the game came out so I don’t have much to worry about and just use Sak and a couple other chars for fun. The arcade characters are generally better than the console chars anyway.

Like that matters at all. All these talks and discussions about the speed differences and what not between the two versions being major hinderances have already been disproven. Unless you are a robot, you won’t feel or notice that 2 frame difference at 50 seconds.

As for the topic at hand, IMO, maining a console character does to some extent hurt your arcade gameplay, but that’s nothing that can’t be remedied by picking up an arcade character as a secondary. As long as you have your main on lock, know all the basics and shit, know timings for combos, picking up a secondary arcade character will be easy as you can already apply what you’ve learned with your main.

I just reread this whole topic and I dont see anyone comparing the two consoles? Unless you are talking about me saying “I cant play Bison on PS3” which simply means “I cant play Bison on PS3”. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with the consoles. But thanks!

this is one of the reasons I picked up Chun Li, we just got street fighter 4 in the arcade where I work and needed to play as someone, now my win percentage is better with her than it is with sakura, I have to try 3 times as hard to win with Sakura, but I still like playing as her better, I’m willing to bet that most if not all console characters will be included in the arcade version of the second SF4, I mean how much work would that really take? and hopefully they would get buffs that would reflect thier new positions as arcade characters. But this may only be wishful thinking however, but I’ll keep my hopes high.

Yep, I play chun. Chun fights all of saks really bad matchups much better too… Great complimentary character.

My three mains are Sakura, Dan and Seth in that order :stuck_out_tongue: I also dabble a bit in Cammy and Rose.

If it weren’t for the console (playable) characters I would have probably got bored of the game already. I was interested in Viper and Abel but I find they’re both too hard for me to use, which puts a huge damper on me trying to learn them :frowning:

As for arcades, I live in the UK where you’ll generally only find gun and racing games. I’m not sure if there is a single SF4 arcade in the country :o

This. I was at a loss my first visit to the arcade too, because I’ve only taken time with Sakura, but after playing around in 3rd Strike with Chun, I decided to give her a shot in 4, and It’s a really good choice for me. I do hope for Sakura in SF4 Dash or whatever they choose to call the second arcade version (we all know it’s coming too :rofl:)

All I really know is Sak, the good thing is I don’t think I even know where an arcade is around my area…haven’t seen one in about 10 years except for playdium, but I only go there…well I never go there. So I guess I have no need to learn any arcade characters.

I don’t feel inclined at all to pick an arcade main, since if I do go to my local arcade, I’d be playing GF/DM anyways. =D

I’m assuming it does.

I guess for arcade I’d have to train with Ken, my SFII main.

But there’s not a big arcade scene here, so theres no need.

I’m taking a trip to San Francisco in September and I’m considering trying to learn Akuma just so I can try to find an arcade and not suck.

I don’t see how you can play Bison on a 360 but not on a PS3, considering they are identical. Your comment pretty much says, although indirectly, the two versions are different than one another.

Now if you meant that you could only play him on a 360 pad, then my bad. Although I can’t for the life of see how that’s more comfortable than a PS3 pad.

On to topic so as not to derail or go off-topic.

Chun is pretty good. Although she’s not as good as her 3S incarnation, I still find her to be fun and more than able to hold her own against the higher tiered characters.

Standing fierce if timed right works wonderfully as an AA.

I’ve been wondering about this myself. But I was considering finding one. I found this topic:

Trocadero had no SF when I last went there… 3 years ago maybe lol.

I main Chun Li and alt with Sakura. This works out great for me seeing as I know both of the characters very well, but can beast with Chun Li in ways Sakura cannot… even though Sakura is a beast in her own right.