Does Metsu Shoryuken f*** around with your opponent's mind?



As in, when you use Ryu or other characters and fights with someone who uses Ryu and he see him pick “U2 : Metsu Shoryuken”, does your mind go:

-“crap, if he uses U2, he must be confident or damn good enough”
-“crap, he must have some tricks up his sleeve to pick U2”
-“crap, no jump-ins at all”
_“crap, better get the hell away from this guy and stay away as far as possible”

Because when I fight against someone who picks Ryu’s U2 over U1, I have all of these thoughts.

Question is, psychologically, does Ryu’s U2 kinda instill a sense of uncertainty in your opponent? When I see people pick U1, I just laugh it off even if they can SRK -> FADC -> U1 with their eyes closed.
I think it’s partly because of U2’s animation that makes it seem scary, and it’s like, you don’t know when it’s gonna come! I remember there were times when people pull this off out of the blue and I got caught off-guard :dizzy:
(granted, I’m a noob myself)

Maybe top level players don’t feel this way but majority of the noobs - average usual players do?


I think I would feel less threatened cause it’s so impractical compared to Ultra 1, If the opponent was skilled enough to confirm into Ultra 2 from xx fireball U2 then I’d be impressed with the opponents execution, but that’s about it.


Ultra 2 is as bad as anyone who uses it. Disrespect appropriately please…


you can do crmk hado fadc u2??? is that new to ultra? how tight of a link is it


the combos been around for ages, was ryus last trial, the links as tight as a fishes bumhole. Very situational and spacing dependant until ryu got his fireball buff in the latest version


Quite a few good Ryu’s use U2 now, and you can ex dp fadc for full animation. Good ultra still, you just lose out on a lot of utility.


I feel the same way when a Boxer picks U2.