Does Mortal Kombat Komplete for PC work with custom arcade sticks?


I haven’t played fighting games for some time, and now that MK comes to the PC I want to play it as I did with the first ones in the arcades, that is, with a proper arcade stick.
However, I read on one Amazon review that the game only supports xbox360 controllers.
Is that true? Has anybody tried?
Does it mean that if I build an arcade stick with a PC controller interface like the I-Pac for example (I-PAC), it won’t work with the game???

That would be a major screw up…

If the above is true, is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance


x360ce is your friend


Thanks a lot for that.

PS: What other PC controller interfaces are there apart from the I-Pac and Cthulhu? That’s the ones I came across after some searching.






Most sticks are perfectly usable on PC. A lot of them are just 360 controllers with a different shell.


OK, but I wanted to know what happened with custom made controllers.


Depends on the PCB or encoder you decide to use.

Most PCBs that are sold as a aftermarket part is PC compatible.