Does MVC2 remake finally mean no more Dreamcast?


Assuming it’s the same, then yes, it means no more Dreamcast.

In other news, Digimon Season 3 was fucked as all hell. The evil computer program-turned-apocalyptic abomination mentally tortured a little girl for weeks. Fuck Eva.

No. The diehards will cling to the Dreamcast version due to the fact that arcade Marvel ran on the Naomi board which is essentially the technology powering the Dreamcast.

Thats why Season 1,2, and 4 of Digimon was so good :rolleyes:

You mean like at Evo or at all?

You’d be wrong to think that it’s not worth playing at all because of Marvel, it has a fantastic library. I don’t think you mean that though. At least I hope you don’t O_o.

3 is probably my overall most favorite season. I’d say 2 but the ending just killed it.

If the game is the same as DC (and I mean SAME) then that’s the end of the Dreamcast.

Even if the online play is shit, an identical port would represent no more Blue Screen of Doom, which is a major step up from the present conditions Marvel players endure.

Fuck the dreamcast. Die in a fire you POS.

Agreed with both of these posts. Especially, because people like me don’t all have a 360/Xbox. Plus, not everyone wants to get online.

Finally, the Dreamcast has a wonderful library, many titles which are worth playing. Marvel is personally not the only reason I own a Dreamcast.

And one more thing, not everyone is going to want to blow money on getting new converters, new sticks and/or new mods for PS3 and/or Xbox360. Which brings up another problem in my eyes; let’s say we have a perfect conversion of MvC2 to both consoles as well as many players of the game owning either console. How are we supposed to decide which console is tourney standard, and which ever one is picked means someone has to go buy new stuff just to play on that console, when we already have our sticks and stuff ready for DC.

And I haven’t kept up on the threads, but just because MvC2 is on a newer console, does this necessarily mean there will be no blue screen?

3 in general was unappealing to me I mean cards, garbage monsters, where is Black War Greymon, 4th season rejuvenated everything and was original and Data Squad is just trash but thats just IMO

If I ever meet you I’ll gouge your eyes out with my thumbs.


2 was my favorite.
1 was very good.
3 was also very good. Idk what you all are talking about lol. The cards were a great new thing introduced to digimon. The ending was good too.
4 was blehhhhhh.

MvC2 remake means I don’t have to buy a Dreamcast.

Isn’t DC CVS2 the only arcade perfect version or am I misinformed?
DC was seriously a great system though, especially for fighting games.

Cough Power Stone Cough

It wasnt a perfect port, but it was the closest out of all the console renditions. I think the DC version has a slight speed difference from the arcade.

DC is practically the only console that gets all of the Namoi ports right.

For obvious reasons.

The Toodles disc is only on Dreamcast so I’m stuck with that one, I still havn’t found CVS2 for the PS2 that wasn’t insanely priced. And Crazy Taxi is more than enough for me to keep my DC hooked up to the tv.

Do I have to remind you of PROJECT JUSTICE?!?!

:rock: Dreamcast will live on :rock:

Admittedly I bought my DC a while ago for Marvel, but I’ve found oh so many more games that make it worth it. I’m holding onto this baby till death.