Does Nobody Play 3rd Strike Anymore?

Past two days i’ve tried to find a match online but nobody is on what gives?

If only that were true, try ggpo or 2df

nope. everyone quit.

What’s GGPO and 2DF, sorry i’m a complete newbie don’t hate on me lol

and there is a GGPO forum on ol’ SRK. Online play with great connections. good luck

how come people use these things instead of just playing the games on their systems?

Little to no lag. Easy to use. blah blah blah.

lol at everyone falling for obvious troll

oh ok so basicaly what you guys are saying is i went out and got SF: Anniversary on XBOX for no damn reason

thats a possibility. but id still keep it.

All 3S’ers left to play…

Halo 3: 3rd Halo.

I stopped playing in 2001. Where the fuck have you guys been? JOIN THIS HOT BANDWAGON!

But yeah, nobody plays. EVO even dropped the game.

lol at obvious troll thread. yeah noone plays 3s :looney: