Does Obama Even Want A Second Term?


This piece explores weather or not Obama even want to be reelected.


Obama knows the end is near. He’s done his job by clearing the way for the anti-christ and Armageddon.


But he would like a second term to “finish the job”. Remember, he hasn’t done most of what he wants. In his own words: “Under my plan, electricity would necessarily skyrocket.” Hasn’t happen yet, gotta assume it’s in the future. He told Medveyev to “Wait until my re-relection. Then I’ll have more flexibility.” He seems to be banking on getting re-elected.


SRK never ceases to amaze me.


He tried his best, he almost got the $5 a gallon gas he wanted so we would all buy chevy volts :slight_smile:


Scratch that, forgot about CA


Call me a grammar nazi, I don’t care, but “weather” is the shit Storm controls. “Whether” expresses an inquiry or a question.

That said, I think Obama is just coasting right now. He’s done so much in office that sucks and barely kept his campaign promises the first time. He right now is just the lesser of two evils, and is far from an ideal leader. But with him close to becoming the first $1 billion candidate, I’m sure he wants it pretty bad.


Will there ever come again a time when this can’t be said about presidential candidates?


I’m optimistic about it. The issue right now is Obama completely failed with a liberal-held Congress. That was the time to strike and be bold. Now for the last two years he’s been blocked everywhere by Republicans and their more fanatic Tea Party constituents. I’m simplifying the issue a lot but it still carries the same weight as all the details laid out for you.

He was supposed to be this generation’s FDR and wound up our Gerald Ford.


Obama is nothing but a goddamn puppet president. A president who is for the people should never, EVER sign something like te NDAA, and yet he still did. During his campaign for president, he promised a bunch of shit and when he got in office, he flip-flopped on pretty much everything. Pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Nope, he wins the Nobel Peace Prize and sends 30, 000 more troops to Afghanistan. :rolleyes:

Everyone knows Ron Paul should be the Republican candidate but that’s never going to happen.

The last true president was JFK but you know… bang… do as you’re told or die.


What would you want him to do? Immediately pull out? That’s dangerous and irresponsible. We cannot go into a country, take down its government, and leave. It creates a power vacuum and allows the situation to repeat itself. There are dozens of examples throughout history of that exact scenario happening again and again, the most famous one obviously being Hitler’s rise to power. He set a time for withdrawal and a means to train police and other armed forces. That is, in effect, the BEST way to leave without having to return there in 10-20 years.

You’re thinking small and simplistic when the world is a complex puzzle.


Don’t worry. Over time, that sense of surprise will morph into a dull, disappointed nausea.


Yes, just pull out. It was a mistake to try to remake those countries. Iraq and Iran just should have been bombed. They step out of line you break their shit. If they act up again you breaks their shit again. Much more effective and less costly.


Obama needs that good weather to be reelected


Spoken with about as much ignorance as possible on the internet. Just bomb any country that isn’t the U.S right? Who cares if those types of actions will make us seen as the global threat to the rest of the planet.

Oh, you’re from Flint, Michigan huh? I guess you’d rather Obama not saved GM and left your hometown a ghost town huh?



I don’t know, but I certainly don’t want Romney elected. Dude is a clear fraud and there’s nothing good about him.

Dude probably helped contribute to the market collapse by firing off all the weak companies he bought up with his dirty money.


Well I mean… he’s up for re-election. Does anyone really do that without wanting to be president again?

What kind of question is this?


A question asked by an idiot.


Aww c’mon. Give him a shot. I’m willing to give benefit of the doubt. Even on SRK.


I’m open-minded. Just not to the extent that my brains fall out.