Does Online Gaming Violate Geneva Convention?

You cant control something you dont understand


That chess description is brilliant

the pawns are the 99%

I say we liberate the pawns. They should have the right to move in either direction just like everyone else.

WTF no! They get two spaces forward first move. That’s more than generous.

At least Starcraft gets it right. Although I pity each and every Marine that has to stimpack himself to death for my cause. :tup:

I really hate the idea that video games involve a higher sense of activity than other forms of violence (movies, comics, etc) just because of the interactivity. By that reasoning, games such as hide and seek with water guns would be the ultimate child soldier training program. But they’re not. We played all sorts of mock-violent games back in the day. I even remember simulating RAPE (both boys and girls) once on the playground as a child. It’s was a ton of fun because we had no clue what we were doing.

We didn’t grow up to be rapists. Well… I didn’t. Can’t really say about the others. Especially Brian. He was kinda creepy… but anyway, I digress. The thing is that we played that stuff to explore the world that we had no other way to understand. Pinecones became grenades in our hands, sticks were machine guns and we all tied dad’s red socks around our head to be like Rambo. We had video games too, but at the time they did a bad job of reflecting the real world so we had to use other means. Today it’s pretty much the same, but the games have gotten much closer to doing what the tree branch gunplay I played as a child did, only there isn’t as much imagination required to turn that stick into a M16.

Kids are gonna be kids, and from the looks of the current era Red Cross, so are some of the adults. :tup:

video games arent real yo. Its like kids who pretend to be good guys and bad guys and pretend to fight each other.

^ That’s my point exactly.

Hopefully my H. Cain AV doesn’t lead you to believe I’m a conservative extremist. He just want’s to be the very best like no one ever waaaas…

If im violating the Geneva Convention by killing the enemy team, shouldn’t I also be awarded the Metal of Honor for storming the beaches of Normandy, stopping terrorist, preventing nuclear war, reviving thousands of teammates being a medic, saving the princess etc? Do they have any idea how many virtual lives I’ve saved?

Does this mean im also a woman beater for all those times I KO’ed Chun Li over the years?

No you are a woman beater for the way you KO’ed your moms vagina at birth.

That was a good laugh, like someone said do they do realize that it isn’t real life?

Or getting a government bailout because we went bankrupt playing Monopoly.

Actually, that would be kind of lush.


Oh, you mean the same thing as lawyers?