Does ONO really values Wong's opinion of MvC3 that much?


I think ONO is really showing concern, look at his tweet:
“I have not touched last MvC3 yet. However, if his impression is true, it’s a serious thing. ;( RT @JWonggg: …Time to go back to MVC2”

What do you guys think?


He be trollin’.


Ono is a huge troll.


Who cares what Ono thinks?


add link to op just for completeness sake


I really dont get it. The game is not out yet and there is people doing crazy 100% combos already. I was also looking at the Gamespot tournament, and was watching a high level match (i think a guy Ramirez). After he won, Seth Killian praised him because how he was playing so well, regardless of having NO previous experience with the game. WTF. The guy looked like a PRO, but he had NO experience. Can it be true, what Justin is saying about the game? Is the game really that easy and cheap. :confused:


facepalm Does this really need it’s own topic?


The problem is not Justin’s opinion. It is the fact that ONO is validating it!


You know, after a whole day of this I’m just like:
Who fucking cares?




i think people should stop making stupid threads


Please get Preppy here, I mean we all knew this was coming, but it’s just too much man.

Please don’t make thread like these.


This game is gonna be crazy wacky fun like a pie throwing fight, only the pies are all full of knives and explosives.




Does ANYONE really values Wong’s opinion of MvC3 that much?

Answer should be no, unfortunately is not.


I value his opinion. It’s a shame that the game is apparently so easy.


Either you’re a liar or Ono removed the tweet.

It’s more fun to call you a liar.

edit: nvm, i turned off retweets on my feed.
carry on.



Like it or not, he is the voice of the fighting community. Apparently, ONO thinks the same. In his response to Justin, he is implying that there MAY be a problem if Justin is saying there is.



I’m more curious about this tweet though

Translation anyone?


I prefer to speak (and think) for myself.