Does oro really make it as tournament material?

Is oro potential able to be number one for tournaments because people use oro and never make it up to top 8 except thanatos. Jinrai this goes towards u whatt do u think i dont see many experience oro players than u? someone feel free to just prove me wrong about oro players just say what u think i dont mind.

Oro has just as much potential as Ryu, Akuma, and Yang to win tournaments. These four characters don’t win many tournaments because Chun-Li and Yun are that much better.

Thanatos isn’t the only Oro user to place highly in tournaments. Dirty Music’s team won Coop Cup 3, Inoue has won A-cho tournaments, and Hungbee usually places high in tournaments he attends (the most recent of which he got 2nd, beating Amir’s Chun-Li in the process).

Thank you i was wondering if their some players who were out their they dont post enough i guess. thank u jin rai.

Most of the good Oro players are Japanese any ways. You’re not going to see them post on SRK. You’ll have to look around for vids of those players.

There are a few known Oro players on SRK. Hungbee is on par with the best Japanese Oro players. ThyAllMighty and SaBrE are also tournament Oro users. However, I’m sure these people are too busy or have better things to do than scour the Oro forum waiting for people they can help.

I only post as much as I do because it’s a substitute for playing. I have very few opportunities to actually play 3S.

El carpeto from the uk has a nice turtling Oro, he made it pretty far in the second europe qualifier for sbo.