Does playing the cpu aggressively even matter? Lol




Playing the CPU doesn’t matter…period. It might take you some basic matchup shit, but overall, pretty pointless.


Use the computer to practice combos on moving targets, some resets and general pressure. Everything else falls into play when you play real people. At least practicing those few things will make you more comfortable when using stuff on people.


I’m already comfortable playing against people, I’m not a scrub. Lol
Just wanted to know if it actually affects the cpus choice of actions to a big extent compared to just playing passively.


Playing the CPU aggressively all the time may lead to disastrous consequences when you start playing human opponents as it may kill your defensive game.

I once practiced a lot against CPU opponents and I just realized that it made my playstyle worse as I started treating human opponents like the CPU.


In what game? SF4? You might get better answers/more discussion in the SF4 section, if you just want to discuss features of the AI. Let me know what game you’re talking about and I can move the thread to the correct location.


Sorry. Your thread title seemed pretty vague. And since this thread is in the newbie section, it’s only safe to assume that you’re asking common scrub questions, such as “Does playing CPU make me better?” type questions.


Oh that’s very true, my mistake.


No. CPU is responding to every single one of your moves literally the millisecond you put them in. The difficulty slider determines how much of your shit it will allow to get through.

You might get some muscle memory down but if you already have the execution to play aggressively then there isn’t a lot of point. If you’d like more words on a more general “should I play the CPU” there is already a thread on that: Can you actually learn something from playing the computer?, still on the first page even.


Nope, thanks your post answeres my question.