Does PS3 still have frame difference?


Since the game has been released a few times now does the PS3 and 360 still have frame differences? i want to start going to local tourneys but i have a PS3 and where i go uses 360s so im wondering whether i need to switch up?

Has it been dealt with or its still in the latest releases of AE2013?


It’s still an issue. Both games run at slightly different speeds.

Your best bet is to get to the tourney early and play some casuals to help adjust your timing before your matches.


Ok Thanks, i wonder if it will be fixed with Ultra


Doubtful, as it’s been a known issue since Vanilla, and no cure in sight. I doubt they really care about these minor changes. It’s more of an issue of porting games on a different architecture, and the manpower and money required to make them both identical isn’t worth the cost, and won’t make any boost to their bottom end.


Im in a weird spot where A) i can just wait for next gen versions which im sure will come or B) which is unlikely buy a 360 for Ultra or C) just buy it for my PS3 (i already have a TE round 2)

I have an xbox one and ps3 and im hoping there will be a next gen version on the horizon considering the massive install base both consoles already have.


PC version is an option too :slight_smile:


I only have PS3 as well, and I played AE on it for about a year. Once I moved away from PS3 you quickly see that the PS3 version is garbage. I remember the day I stopped playing on PS3. I was in training mode and the game had a massive lag spike. Just to say that again. I had a massive lag spike in Offline training mode. It was at that moment I bought the game on PC and never looked back. Not to mention that in my experience PSN is super laggy online compared to PC.

Also since Evo has now switched from PS3 to 360 I don’t think there are any major tournaments left running PS3 for SF4.

saying that here are a few quick tournament tips.

  1. Always play/train on the system that will be at the tournaments

  2. make sure you see if the tournament is going to be using a no lag monitor or a laggy ass TV.

  3. Show up early for casuals, but don’t show all your tricks during casuals. Don’t let yourself get downloaded before the tournament starts.

  4. Watch other people play, you can pick up on their bad habits and adjust accordingly.

  5. Play on streams prior to going to tournaments, this will help with nerves.

  6. Relax, if you show up all stiff and nervous you will drop every combo.

  7. If possible see if you can record your matches at the tournament. Watch them later and see what went right and wrong.