Does Pushblocking affect chip damage?

The debate still continues whether pushblocking affects chip damage or not. Does anyone know for sure? I was under the impression that it does nothing against Chip.

I still haven’t seen solid evidence that blocking attacks causes chip damage.

Have someone use Storms Hail Storm or chip storm as I call it and block it, notice your health going down? There is lot of stuff in this game that causes chip damage.

As for the original question I dunno, some people have said it does a little, but I am not completely sure that is the case.

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@OP It does… and it’s not even that hard to test yourself in training mode.

I have no reason to believe it affects chip damage, except in cases where pushing the opponent away will result in less hits. Such as push blocking a tatsu. But I haven’t tested it.

Another theory I have is that push-blocking “destroys” some of the attacks being thrown at you. For example, in training mode go vs. Sentinel and have him use Sentinel Force on you (the special, not the hyper). Then pushblock late into the first robot hitting you and you will destroy the second one (and the third one if you time it perfectly, I think). Maybe this is what’s giving things like hailstorm less damage when you advancing guard.

It does.

Just pick Phoenix and compare the results of pushblocking beam attacks and not pushblocking them.

I remember the original debate for this. I thought the idea of it being a debate was laughable considering the easy-peasy way to test it.

It negates chip damage but not on hit, rather in the way it effects the status of multihit attacks.

That seems to be the case. It doesn’t effect the damage of single hit attacks, but it’s blatantly obvious if you pushblock something like a beam super. It seems that at certain points in the pushblock animation some of the hits will miss you, for things like Shinnku and hailstorm this means something like 20-25% of the damage gets avoided.

it doesn’t affect chip dmg

but it affects how often you can get hit in a certain interval. something like shinku hadoken when pushblocked doesn’t chip as much because it isn’t hitting you as often. so in the end, it affects total chip dmg from multi hit super, but not 1 hit chip dmg

Like others said, this is the easiest thing to test. Pushblocking as rapidly as possible cuts out about 20-25% of beam attack chip.

In true block strings push blocking reduces every other hit of the attack to 0 damage IE if you were hit by a string that did 6k, 6k, 4k, 4k, 15k damage without pushblock you would take 35k chip damage. If you started advance guarding each hit on the first hit you would take 6k + 4k + 15k for 25k chip damage, while if you started advance guarding on the second hit you would take 6k + 6k + 4k for 16k chip damage.

This is easy to test by just going into training mode and setting the computer to advance guard with an assist like tenderizer or lightning legs as it makes it incredibly obvious.

Has anyone ever tried holding down two turbo buttons to pushblock just to see the max amount of damage you can prevent? I would try it but I don’t have Turbo on my stick.

If you go to training mode and set the dummy Advancing Guard to On, they will AG every single hit, so no need for turbo. I also thought that Advancing Guard negates a single hit of chip damage while it was active, but if you use Cold Star on the dummy, you can see that Advancing Guard can actually negate 2 hits of chip. Only 3 hits of the 8 will do any chip.

so… set the dummies AG on and see how many hits of chip Ryu can give him with his hyper hadouken

Although, with the possibility to negate two hits of chip with a single advancing guard… some multi hits will prove more effective than others.

I thought it did(will have to try out for myself).

That’s like having a debate about gravity… I mean it’s obvious that gravity is just a fairytale thing made up to make us believe there is more in the universe than the planet we live on.