Does Q have any combo's?



Me and my brother have been playin’ Third Strike for a while and yet tha only thing we dont get is Q. We understand that he is used offensively at close-range fightinh to beat the livin’ shit outta people but it seems he has no combo’s the only one’s I noticed aren’t quite effective and are these

standing close forward kick, High Speed Barrage

Capture and Deadly Blow, High Speed Barrage

Dashing Head Attack, Super Cancel, Critical Combo Attack

Capture and Deadly Blow, Super Cancel, Critical Combo Attack


If you’re gonna do capture and deadly blow into a super, use SAII. It does a lot more damage and you won’t miss any of its hits.

He’s got a few more combos though, mostly starting off with the capture and deadly blow. The ones I use are:

mid screen

(jumping fierce) close standing forward, EX high speed barrage

(jumping fierce), close standing forward, strong dash punch xx SAI or SAII

roundhouse or forward C&DB (depending on size of character, lighter ones use forward), EX dash punch, standing roundhouse or back fierce

roundhouse C&DB, strong dash punch

short C&DB, fierce high speed barrage

any dash punch xx SAI or SAII

SAII, fierce dash punch

short C&DB, SAII

roundhouse C&DB, overhead jab dash punch, jab dash punch xx SAII

in corner

roundhouse C&DB, strong dash punch, standing strong or back fierce

(on lighter characters) in corner: roundhouse C&DB, fierce dash punch, strong dash punch


You know, you could have just read other older threads. Those old threads answers your question better now. Otherwise, we’d be posting the same stuff we posted for over 2 years.


More importantly, the link to “The Newbie’s guide to Q” :