Does race play a role in the way we tip? [ARTICLE]


Before we start let me just say I’m neither black nor white so don’t get me caught up in any racial games. So what do you all think of this article, especially those who work in the service industry. The idea here is purely to get some feedback, personally I think the issue has to be economic. It’s not like black people collectively got together and decided they didn’t care about waiters.


I tip 20 percent regardless


Im white, i tend to tip people pretty evenly i think. I usually just tip by rounding up my bill like if i spent 15 ill tip 5 so i dont have to break a 20, if its like 18 though ill always add some more so i dont get my food spit in.


I always feel like a douche if I don’t tip 20%.

Or if I talk in the movie theater.


I don’t mind tipping more than extra of what is required. But if the service is terrible, i’ll leave a small tip well short of 15%…


I’m mexican and I double the tax and round up to the nearest dollar. In california that’s atleast 18% and usually more like 20%.


Thanks Sharece.



haha, that has to be a fake. Some guy sitting in blackface typing that up.


Only three things I think most people tip based on is


B)Attractiveness(As in appearance, some nasty looking girl with a fucked up weave may be judged as a messed up person based on how she looks). Same thing if some scary motherfucker with tattoos is serving your stuff.

C)Personality(Be Civil, be kind)

Some people may tip based on someone’s race/ethnicity/sexuality but hey such is life or some people are just assholes and dont tip at all.


Yeah obviously a fake, but still funny.



(from comments)



This right here is the problem with the whole issue of tipping, in my opinion. This is a bit of a tangent here, but I hate that our society just rolled over and accepted what is basically legalized extortion from this particular category of workers. “Pay me a few dollars, or I will do terrible things to your food.” Yeah, that’s generally how they roll in that industry…and the other strange thing is that the catalyst here is the employer…our society said “yeah that’s ok” to an entire industry that decided it’s only going to pay these folks shit like $2.15 an hour…it amazes me how that’s even legal in the first place.


“It’s a dirty secret in the industry that there is a wide spread perception that blacks don’t tip well,” says Lynne. Because of this perception, Lynne believes that African-Americans might often receive inferior service.

That’s something like how it goes with me and my friends. We look like broke college students, and people are usually hesitant to wait on us. But if we get shitty service, we leave a shitty tip. Vicious cycle.


I was taught to leave 10%, but recently I found out in Canada it’s supposed to be 15% or something.

IIRC the general rule in HK was to leave a 10% tip, so maybe that’s why my parents taught me that. Or maybe I’m just BSing.


I’m already having a good laugh at this thread. I love tipping threads.


Posted by ShareceThomas
January 26th 2010 10:29pm
Tips are optional. Thass the bottom line. They should be thankful for anything more than the bill. Uther than that, they can kiss my black ass. Expesshally white peeple.

This made my day:lol:

Tipping IS optional don’t let anyone tell you different. While it may not be the most noble act to not tip it is by no means a justification for less then adequate service I always tip at least double tax NOT because I feel coerced to do so but because it’s simply the polite thing to do. Mr.Pink used a poor example (mcdonalds) to illustrate his point but his principle argument remains as true and unquestioned today as it was back then.


More jobs ought to have merit-based income. I know what these people are making seperate from their tips, and it’s not enough. They know that going in, and they know the quality of their service will determine how much cash they make. I’m not going to mess with that system. If my cup stays full, and you got my order right, you’ll remember me when I come in next time.

And delivery guys always get $5. They know me, and they love me.


I am white, and I rarely tip unless the server is amazing. Most of the time, my server just acts like he/she hates life and hopes that I choke and die.


You’re probably an unsavory customer.


Why does ordering more expensive food = more tip and vice verca? Just pay these motherfuckers minimum or more