Does Ryu need a bit of retooling?

Ryu needs his overhead slightly sped up.
He looks like he has arthritis when doing it.

Ryus fireball, dp, jump short and fast dash make up for his short range normals. Parry is very useful in specific match ups. All of his ex moves have a viable purpose. I really hope they dont change the character.

I don’t want they change his current stuff (aside the st.HP CC effect wich i never liked, and maybe faster overhead MP)

But if they ever do a patch that actually ADD stuff

This as extra feature of his V-Skill

tap - current SF3 Parry
hold - USF4 Omega punch

And if ever they add 2nd CAs

Also will be cool if you can do MP->HP-> EX moves =)

I really don’t think any major changes are going to happen for SFV.
Some bug fixes, normals for other characters. People are already complaining about Ryu that he is too good.
If anything there might be a nerf or nothing on him.

Nevermind, managed to figure out what was wrong.

Hey, Akuma! Didn’t see you there!