Does Sents Rocket Punch assist?

Sorry to ask this question but I checked out all the other threads and could not find the answer.

I am new to IM so I can’t really do the inf since I just started working on it.

But does Sents rocket punch assist launch the opponent high enough to start IM inf?

You can do the infinite off almost EVERY assist one way or another (except power-up/health-up assists of course).

The RP sets it up perfectly, you can just go straight into the inf after it hits.

You wont hit very much outside of practice mode because ironman is too slow to take advantage of rp assist. Since Ironman’s so slow and nothign else is on the screen you will find most decent players will just block and beat up your sentinel. You’re better off using drones assist and try an airdash crossup.

sorry bro but Iron man isnt slow… maybe in your paying fields. cause i know my ironman is pretty damn fast especially if you wave dash with him i guess you dont… and yeah for the record you can inf to the rocket punch assist right when it hit regular jump, dash forward lk up fp then inf… hope you practice to death…

I’m in agreement here. Ironman takes perfect advantage of Sent’s RP assist. Whether it is random or IM combos into it( [sent], you can always infinite off of it by doin what Scrubkiller said.

If you get that down its kinda fun to do some little resets(sparingly). After the RP hits wave dash under them to the other side(2 dashes works perfectly) and launch into the infinite from the other side. Or you can do what scrubkiller said, but instead of following with the infinite:, AD.F(opposite side),lk,U+FP, then comes the infinite. Sorry if thats confusing, but the lk,AD F has to be done quickly.

Also if you get the infinite started w/o an assist you can call Sent mid infinite… [j.lp,,,u+fp], j.lp+{sent}, d+fp,[j.lp,,,u+fp]… just some bonus damage. You probly want to do this on like the first or second rep due to the damage scaling.

And a decent rushdown style IM should not be slow! He isn’t Magnus, but he has still got decent speed. GhettoIronman seems like a fitting name.

Wave dashing can make any character “seem” fast, even Anakaris. His AD is slow, his overall ground speed is slow, and his tri-jump is DEFINETLY slow. IM is slow. I don’t know what planet your from or what you think “fast” is but IM is definetly slow. What ghetto was saying is the truth. Your more than likely not going to be able to catch it off a sent-a. The opponent will block it or let his assist take the hit then attack in. Using drones(sent-g) gives your IM time to decide what to do and where to attack due to his lack of speed.

Actually, I infinite off the punch practically everytime! Thats quaint that you think IM can’t. I agreed that he wasn’t “fast” but he is faster than 50% of the other characters in the game and he has a greater range of motion than 90% of them.

P.S. Wavedash with Juggs and tell me how fast it seems! :tdown:

Drones are waaaaay better for Iron Man…

I agree, Drones are better-- IM desperately needs an assist that can cover him on the ground to aid his rush down, or just get that one random hit that’ll lead into his infinite. However, RP assist can be usefull for assist punishment or adding a bit of oomph to IM’s combos, and if he’s not using Sent as his main assist (like if you’re playing Ironman/Doom) then he might as well put Sent on RP assist for these purposes.

if you start the inf with lk.

are you people smoking crack? ironman is almost as slow as doom. you aint going to hit shit with him any time soon.

run away im > rush down im

if you’re close enough you don’t need to start with lk-- of course the chance of actually scoring a hit with rp assist at point blank is close to zero anyway…

I never said that he “can’t” I said your have a higher risk of not connecting an up fierce after the RP. And what I mean by slow is that he is slow compared to the characters people actually use; i.e. Mag, Sent, Storm etc. Not to mention that in a real game vs. a decent player, that rp will almost never connect on the point character. I fight a lot of IM/Sent-a and never lose ESPECIALLY with cable. IM is too old school now. There are far better chars to waste your time with.

Scrubkilla you are a scrub so go kill yourself. Ironman is slow as shit and there ain’t no way in hell you’re going to combo a RP assist on any non-scrub. Go to a real arcade and stop playin 5 year olds…

yeah go to cal berkeley aka the bearcade and get you rookie ass raped pussy… thats all i can say fucken rookie dont hate cause your Ironman sucks all good Im players dont talk shit about Ironman… all they talk about is strats…

i have no time for little kids on srk shit talking

sent-a is a crutch for a weak ironman. the days where people get hit with rp’s near IM are long gone. the only way that happens is when you pushblock them into it correctly, and then you are in gaurdstun so you can’t wavedash into the infinite most of the time.

drones are for true ironman players. they provide protection from the right angles, makes your throws deadly, way better resets possible, etc. the only reason people use im/sent-a is cuz combofiend is just triller with the rp. otherwise, drones are the best (and even combofiend rocks drones)

so just to be clear you can do…
c. lk+assist, s. lp, sj, ad f, lp, up hp, land infinite.
I think you should do this if your too far to do the japanese set ups. Since the standing lp reaches farther. Otherwise do stuff like…c. lk, c. lp, sj cancel, lp, ad f, lp, up hp, land, infinite.
or you can do c. lk, c. lp, s. hk, sj, ad df,(cross up) up hp, land infinite. Yeah kinda scrubby. Basically anytime you land a launcher like say during and infinite land launcher blah blah blah.