Does SF4 at SBO mean no Japanese players for Evo 2k10?

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. Please move it if necessary.

Anyways, with the recent announcement of both the Evo game lineup (which will be supporting SSF4 with two tournies) and the SBO game list, the two tournaments made a statement.

SBO clearly will not support Super Street Fighter 4 unless it is released in the arcades, or so it would seem.

With that in mind, do you think this statement could apply to Japanese players as a whole, thus turning any of them off from partecipating at Evo?

What are your thoughts and how do you think the Japanese players will handle the situation. If you happen to live/play in Japan please let us know what the general state of mind is. I’m certain the issue has popped up at least once…

SSFIV still comes out in Japan, I’m pretty sure they can practise for the SSFIV exclusive stuff.

Evo has the $$$$$$, so I’m sure Japanese players will still go.

Well if they like money anyway. lol

i agree with that guy

Pushing this over to the Evo board.

The hardcore guys don’t really play console. While the arcades still exist, and while tournament standard is still the arcade, they stick to that. They may play console when the situation arises (like Godsgarden) but arcade is still the main.

The general feeling now is that if Super is console only, its going to split the playerbase somewhat - the casual players will be content to play Super at home, while the hardcore will keep trucking with SFIV. This is just a guess though, we don’t really know what’s going to happen until it actually goes down.

Rest assured though that the Japanese will come out for EVO. They want your money. I think that’s the primary reason why Mago got a passport.

SBO’s an arcade tournament so of course they won’t have ssf4. Doesn’t mean people in Japan won’t play ssf4 once it’s released and doesn’t mean Japanese sf4 players won’t still come to evo for the competition.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese start holding console Super tournaments here and there just to stay in practice with the new game. I’m sure Daigo and gang have done their fair share of practice with console characters. Daigo specifically has proven to be doing particularly well without constant competition from other high level console characters.

Speaking of Japanese it’d be cool to hear if Melty makes it that some Japanese Melty players come out.

Japan gonna take Jiyuna’s blackjack money?

Sad to say, but he will be the blackjack table if the A-Cho dream team of Melty comes.

i still like jiyuna no homo, he the world champ

Actually Daigo has said he doesn’t play console. Also at Evo, the only console char he allowed in a money match was Cammy, he said she is close enough to her ST counterpart to allow her.

I do fear the lack of an arcade release could cause a rift in Japan.

Yeah though that was Evo. I’m sure things have changed a bit since then and he has gotten more console character experience after Evo in both the Japan and the US.

I doubt anyone on Daigo’s level plays on console though.

Yeah probably like 85 percent or more of his console character experience has probably been in the US but I wouldn’t doubt that he isn’t secretly practicing things once in a while in Japan just to not be totally lost against the console characters.

Wasn’t there only 2 last year anyway? :rofl:

If I remember there was a Marvel contingent that came last year.

Honestly I dont think the Japanese will come out to Evo for SSFIV, they dont play console, the action is all at the arcades.

Why wouldn’t they come to Evo? The japanese have commented numerous times that they love the hype and excitement of American tournies. And Evo is at Caesar’s Palace this year, come on. Plus tournies in Japan are not for money, so they can come here and make a killing.