Does SFV's arrival feel like SFxT's?

I’m not bringing this topic up to be negative…I actually want to see SFV succeed and emulate SF4’s success but as of late many pro players have been coming out with somewhat neutral or outright big concerns about SFV. On the major streams, when exhibitions of Street Fighter V are shown, there are slews of troll sleeping faces and criticism. Something that is reminding me of SFxT’s early arrival. One thing that the internet is able to do now is deter the proper development of a game by disparaging it before it even comes out. I fear that we might be seeing something similar when it comes to SFV…does anybody else feel the same way? Comments? Queries?

I don’t know about SFxT’s arrival but SFV isn’t as exciting or as hype inducing as I hoped it would be. It’s shaping up to be a solid and potentially great fighter, but that’s it. It’s like Vanilla ice cream; Even the best vanilla ice cream in the world is just vanilla ice cream.

Also where are these pro players with ‘outright big concerns’?

Well no, those pros will still play because that is where the money will be. SFXT failed for various reasons, least being some pros didn’t like it. A game will make new pros if the current slew don’t play. SFV will be fine.

Well anytime you see a game in development that people don’t get to play much, you’re going to see a lot of sloppiness. I’m sure beta Marvel 3 looked really sloppy also.

The difference is SFV has nowhere near as many potential problems as SFxT. The other difference is SFV is replacing SFIV so it almost doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. Which is the same for MKX. As long as you’re the sequel to something prominent it’s kind of a free pass no matter what. SFV isn’t competing with SFIV. Capcom admitted that Capcom Cup was created for SFV and designed to just work with SFIV until SFV released. Then prominently toss SFIV in the trash (effectively) and work with V only.

If you’re worried about what twitch monsters say on stream, then you are worried about people that have little actual credibility in how the game will phase out. Capcom knows that players thought some of the aspects of SFIV competitively were pretty boring so they’re actually tooling the game to make it more spectator friendly. One thing you can credit MKX for is that although it is a messy game sometimes, there is always “something going on” and that’s usually what the monsters like.

It’s not like people are going to all run to MKX and anime games any way LOL

Maybe op means this? It’s weird he says its to easy but fun but I haven’t played a lot yet. Seems like someone who has no idea what he wants to say.

People are used to the way SFIV worked if they are coming from that. Its expected. We all thought SFIV would be really simple also and then it ended up being, not so simple. Which was the opposite of what Capcom wanted the game to be.

SFV is going to ACTUALLY be as simple as they wanted SFIV to be at least on a base level. As long as SFV follows easy to learn, hard to master it should be fine. The neutral options and V Trigger are a lot more creative to me than the basic universal stuff like focus and option selects that were in IV.

All fighting games get more complicated with time. It’s always the players that make fighting games complicated, not so much what’s put in them.

That is what triggered my thread but Infiltration has also voiced similar concerns as him.

I hear you though. It seems to be a lot of negativity but I think it’ll pass. Just like Jin said, people like what they are used to and this ain’t SFIV.

There have been pros, (Ricky Ortiz all I can remember right now) who talked about how dope the direction SFV was going. Well at least during the E3 build.

No, I’m actually excited this time.

Although I’m hype about Bipson…got dammit, now I’m confused.

Notice that the people who’re complaining are primarily SFIV players, while those who are more excited for the game come from older games.

The “older” players know that SFIV doesn’t really play like SF at times, while SFV is looking to rectify that.

Actually this reminds me of the opposite of SFxT’s arrival. Most people were hyped for SFxT almost universally, even when Gems were introduced people were curious and a bit concerned but still pretty hype. People were really worried about the easy mode gems though. The Cross Assault show kind of got people a bit concerned but still hype, a lot of the concerns were from the PR fallout issues actually. Overall people seemed really excited for what SFxT was going to offer. Of course a lot of that comes from it being a HUGE cast, a cross over game, and a crossover with Tekken no less. Which had never happened at that point.

From what I’ve seen people feel very tempered on their views about SF5. A lot of semi-neutral opinions, either they are a bit worried and they think it could end up bad, or they have concerns but trust Capcom to do a good job. Not a lot of people are just amazingly hyped, except during like a new character reveal, yet also very few people seem to straight up think the game is gonna be shit.

Now there is people in all of those parties, and I’m only going by MY observations, not facts, but that is what I’ve seen.

Things like Valmasters statements here confuse me. What SF game is hard to learn at a base level? ST is incredibly simple at it’s core, as is 3rd strike outside of maybe a few character specific things like charge partitioning. SF IV is only really difficult to learn for newcomers because of the huge amount of match ups and option selects you have to learn. And OS’ are a symptom of a broken engine (though a certain amount of them are inevitable in every game) people should be happy that capcom is trying to get rid of them.

SFV is trying to be more “street fightery” by staying mechanically simple while still maintaining a deep mental game.

But those aren’t outright big concerns. I don’t remember reading anyone who was especially negative about SF5. At worst, the game is getting ‘mehs’. I guess indifference is just as bad as negative reactions, maybe even worse.

Anyway it doesn’t matter how bad it gets, because:

1- Like DJ said, SF5 will replace SF4 for better or worse. It’s inevitable so we gotta deal with it.

2- I still have my Bipson to keep me forever hype. <3

In a word no. SFV is Street Fighter. SFxT was the crossover no one asked for. SFxT got more a WTF reaction than a OMG I’m so hype reaction.

what arrival


its kind of understandable since many of these are coming from having played 4 for this long

I guess its the players job to make the game complicated after launch

I honestly wouldn’t worry much about this stuff

Like Valmaster, Infiltration’s first fighter was SF4.

SFV is trying to be like games that they’ve never played, hence they feel it’s dumbed down. It only feels dumbed down because they were raised on a dishonest game, where you fight the system more than the player.

-SFV is replacing Capcom’s most popular fighter directly (unlike SFxT)
-The game is backed by Sony’s money and interest (I tend to think of that deal as “protection money”)
-The pros have no replacement unless everyone wants to stay with SF4 for some reason
-Similarly, pros didn’t like SF4 at all, Daigo included, when it came out, but they kept playing because it was “the thing to play by everyone” (conforming to the trends)

I’m not afraid at all~

Another Eventhubs article is up. This time it is ‘Snake Eyez’ and James Chen expressing their disapproval.


And all new graphics.