Does SFV's arrival feel like SFxT's?

Yeah I think there is only reason for concern if people who started with the older street fighter games (the real ones), start being really negative. James Chen is old school, but he says he likes high execution and that doesn’t seem to be in this game thusfar. SnakeEyes also started with SFIV I believe.

I’d love to hear from Daigo, Sako, Nuki, Valle, guys who know and have experienced the history of street fighter and see what their perspective is on SFV.

Hasn’t Valle already made statements about how old school players will beat new school ones in SFV or something like that?


Forget it !

I’m sure it will come out fine, they still have months to work on it, though the initial roster is almost completely revealed, the balance changes have quite some ways to go, we still have yet to see the menu’s, hear more of the sound track, learn about the story, and possibly experience DLC leaks and stuff.

But seriously though, I want to stay positive, but imagine if this game were to have SFxT levels of backlash, damn, where would we go? Definitely not SF4, screw this game, i’m tired of it, BEEN tired of it. Might just play anime fighters after that or something, while patiently waiting for the next crossover game in the shadows like BananaKen has been doing for the past 2 years.

I agree with the OP. The mechanics are great IMO, but the influx of grapplers/command grabs is disturbing to say the least. Coming from a T. Hawk main in SFIV, this ought to say something. Personally, my hype vaned after Mika (Karin didn’t quite feel like herself. Instead, her personality and style were given to Laura, whom I don’t like). They’re also trying too hard to negate zoning via projectiles. I can see what they’re trying to do after the projectile-fest that is SFIV, but like I said, they’re overdoing it.

Also, I don’t see how taking a big part of what made Street Fighter we all came to like over the years, the versatility of move executions, is helping “older players” rather than SFIV players.

Snake Eyes started as some prodigy pad playing HD Remix player so he has fundamentals from old style SF games. He already won Evo in HD Remix before he was even doing stuff in IV. He didn’t really become relevant in IV until recently.

I don’t know why people feel there wont be any high execution just because there is an input buffer. People forget that its the players that find complicated tech. Just because Capcom throws in an input buffer doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be tough stuff to do. Especially since people are already finding combos that can only be done by shutting off the input buffer making them traditionally just frame and difficult.

Im sure Capcom had no real intention of having those one frame combos in SFIV be part of the regular meta and im sure they didn’t just say “hey lets add in plinks so people can make one frame combos bnb viable”. You don’t just purposely do that. People will find out soon enough though. Its not like SFIV didn’t try to make things easier with input shortcuts and long tech windows.

I will say sfxtekken’s announcement and hype is probably what killed the game later on. People were freaking the absolute fuck out when it was announced but when it finally came, it was good but not to the point of a bunch of turkish mountain hermits chanting until a giant cloud of awesome appeared as the trailers made it seem.

But, sf5 is hype for a different reason. No…more focus attacks. More, fleshed out system that makes even the OLD characters you’ve seen forever at this point fresh like alpha still feels or that 3s game people kept mentioning, this 3s that needs it’s characters to be sucked into 5 at one point in time. But this is opinion.

Will sf4 be the game you still play even when the new shit arrives?Will you[going this route] go back to the older pre-2009 stuff and replace 4 with 5 while keeping a backlog of the classics?
Will you be one of those people in 2018 still talking about the “meta” of that game by then?
Will you still care about 4 when 5 drops? Do you care about 4 now?

Deviljin 01 aka the SFV defense force, most of the discovered tech was removed by capcom. the game is not more creative than 4 and the netural is worse with it’s shitty walkspeed and even shittier normals. People rightfully feel the game is too limited. No need for you to act as the annoying defense force all the time.

I dont think it does. But if Ono surprises us with some “pay-to-win” bullsh*t 3 months before release, then it’ll be the SFxT nightmare all over again.

Well I rightfully feel that no matter what Capcom does there will still be a lot to discover. It is true that theoretically everything we find they could just patch to death, but seeing that they don’t do that there will be a lot to find. I already remember the many people who said Marvel 3 would be an easy game with not much to find, then it wasn’t. Same with IV which also had an agenda of being easy to play.

You can call me defense force if you want, but unlike SFxT this game will replace IV and be the new SF game for the masses regardless. If you don’t like what you’re looking at, MKX and the ignore function are clicks away. Have a great day

There are lots of pro players who endorse SFxT, they just don’t play it anymore because no-one else does. Remember, for them gaming equals money. The problem with SFxT is that the casuals stopped caring because of the vanilla DLC/gems/whatever fiasco. Less casuals caring means less Capcom investment.

SF4 is the opposite. There are some pro players that seem to dislike it–Daigo, Mike Ross–but they play it because everyone else does. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard so many players say its “not Street Fighter”. SF4 has the attention of the casuals, that’s why its still relevant. Also note that it received an arcade release while I don’t believe SFxT did. That’s a huge factor to consider when attracting the Japanese crowd.

Also, SF4 is fun to watch. It has a few features that I think are detrimental to making a fundamental fighter, but its those same mechanics that create good hype. I’m still thinking back to the first time I saw Daigo SRK FADC U1 Dhalsim’s limbs wayyyyy back.

Already like what I’ve seen of 5 compared to 4. I enjoy watching pro level SF2 and 3rd Strike but there was just something to the way 4 was played at a pro level that seemed kinda drab. SF2 was perfect spacing and your control/execution had to be tight as fuck to win matches at high level. 3rd Strike allowed people to be flashy as hell and made the game really exciting to watch at a high level. 4 just never produced that something for me to watch like a fiend. 5 seems to be changing that and I look forward to watching the high level footage in the coming years.

I love how 3S flows at high level but I know they can’t make a big money SF game with those mechanics and expect it to do well because the learning curve is probably pretty steep compared to 5, where the casual gamer can pick up and win their share of matches. Of course we know the high level and pro players will discover the layers of meta game within and take this one to crazy places like they did with the other games before it.

I believe it was Justin Wong who poked fun at himself on growing to love MvC3 and the seven or so steps he went through from denial of it being fun to flat out addicted. We go through these waves of skepticism with anything new.

SF5 removed all the abusable mechanics from SF4, while stripping the game of complexity, wether for good or bad (lack of FADC, Ultras, shorter Super bar, close/neutral jump normals, tight links, confirming from lights…)

this would be quite OK if the walkspeeds and overall movement wasn’t still slow. a simpler SF game can be fun if it’s fast enough (ST, Alpha2…)

Lack of complexity ≠ Lack of depth

i agree, but to make that depth shine you need a more exciting pace

the game lacks both kid

In today’s ADD world yes, it does. But USF4 is not the same as Vanilla SF4 in terms of complexity, depth, or pace. These things will come with time. The most important part now is that the base platform, the foundation of SF5 so to speak, is in good health and solid.

You know nothing. The game isn’t even out or complete yet to know what it has or lacks. Let alone the fact that you could not have possibly had enough time with the game to know how deep it is.

I’m also not your kid, Mr. Registered 11 months ago.

There are pros that are worried that the game lacks depth. I kind of see their point; neither Infiltration or PR Balrog will hesitate to voice their concerns, but neither were 100% on how to put their thumb on exactly what it is. Valvemaster came closer, mentioning things like unblockables. I think part of it is that this game is super-designed to be competitive, by competitive players, so that every nuance of the game is accounted for ahead of time. SF4, meanwhile, had a ton of mechanics that weren’t readily apparently, just a consequence of the game engine. Unblockables, OSes, crouch-teching, FADC combos and pressure. Well I don’t like any of these tactics, indeed SF4 was kind of a derpy game with poor design all over the place. But I can see how learning and using these mechanics, on top of a footsie-heavy fighting system, made the game really engrossing to a lot of people. The game definitely gave me a lot of to chew on years. Even if at the end of the day it was just footsies into knockdown into oki. And sometimes there weren’t even footsies.

SFV is designed from the ground up to not have any of these “hidden mechanics” that were honestly toxic to the last game. It has no goofy game engine to exploit; what you see is what you get. If the game is going to have depth, it’s going to be the footsies, matchups and character-specific nuances. Even if players found a glitch on the level of CvS2 roll-cancels or something that gave everything a whole new meaning, it’d almost certainly be patched out by the end of the Season.

Fuck 'em. They’re the kind of people that say every game sucks that isn’t exactly like their own favorite game.
“Too easy” yet never placing in any tournament.

Just fuck em and enjoy the game.

I don’t understand why people who are complaining about the game lacking depth on day -180 and comparing it to 4 which had 7 years to develop are being given any attention at all. Watch beta footage of 4 and see if it looks any different!

go play an arc system game if depth matters, this real street fighter