Does Smash Bros. deserve to be at Evo?

I got done talking to my brother about this and I realized that there are a lot of people out there from the street fighter scene who simply don’t think smash brothers is a serious game or that it qualifies as competitive and tournament worthy. I personally think that it’s a pretty ignorant viewpoint. After talking to him about it he told me that people were cheering at somebody doing an ice climbers infinite.:bluu: Which, IMO, shouldn’t have been allowed in the tournament in the first place. The infinite is basic at best as far as difficulty to perform yet there is no way to break it once started. I know personally the hours that both my brother and his friends put into practicing and they go to competitive tournaments the same as any other competitive fighting gamer. More than anything I guess I don’t understand all the disrespect that the game gets. At least that was the general attitude I was given by my brother. discuss


Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, Smash Bros. has a big scene and brings more people to Evo.

At the end of the day, regardless of what we think of the game, the game and its large following helps keep the fighting game scene alive.

super smash brothers is INSANE. original or melee. watching someone rape in melee is a work of art

if anybody wants to see some amazing melee footage, youtube “mew2king”

Probably bait, but smash bros. continues to attract a big scene among fighters. So yes, it belongs until otherwise or whatever…

For the money and for the lulz yes…

Seriously though its not a bad a game

I like how you think this thread belongs in GD.

Sure why the hell not (shrugs).

Shouldnt this be in the FG thread?

jesus fucking christ stop making threads about smash

Does it deserve to be at Evo? Sure. But not at the expense of CvS2, 3S, T5:DR, ST, or MvC2. Smash deserves to be recognized as a competitive game, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it should shoulder aside the staple games of the tournament.

didn’t we JUST get through two threads about this
close thread

Sure. It is a quality (fighting) game, ans probably brought a large amount of attention to Evo.

I really hate some of the community though. They just never want to play another fighting game.

that game sucks a might big one

Thats cause there Dragon Punch Retarded. (Meaning they think its to hard to do moves in other fighting games.) Yet if I show people who play SF or KOF how to wave dash and back dash, and ledge gaurd most people who play KOF and SF wouldnt know how to do it.

And from a 2003.

i dont think you understand guys, when i said stop making threads about smash i meant stop encouraging them by posting serious replies in them too

I disagree with you,a game like smash deserves a serious reply.Here goes my serious reply:

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