Does someone have primal rage 2?


does someone have primal rage 2???

i wana play it!!!


Don’t post bullshit


:smokin:Short history lesson:

Primal Rage (1994) nice dinosaur mayhem.

Primal Rage 2 (1996) dinosaurs replaced with so-called avatars (beats me why). However evil has many faces:

  1. Game was never officially released.
  2. Only early production arcades ever existed.
  3. Reportedly 3 arcades made it to various locations (can’t recall details - sorry)
  4. 1 machine was demonstrated (officially) in 2003 in some game convention or sth like that (can’t recall details either):rock:

To your question:
Good news: The rom & disk image are crawling around the soft underbelly of the net (ie dld from Same deal with Thrill Kill issue.
Bad news: The rom doesn’t work. Major stability issues.:lame:

To anyone doubting (and with good reason) the above: I have dlded the rom and the relevant note above is from personal experience.
And Latino my friend if you do dld it and manage to run the game in a reasonable state:pray: please PM me, I’ll greatly appreciate it.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.