Does Standing Short Have More Priority Than We Think?

I was messing around with Makoto’s karas yesterday and started messing with her kara throws. I can’t remember why I tried it, but you can kara her standing short with standing jab into throw. It gives her frame advantage too. I was shocked, I’ve never seen this before. Knowing me it’s probably old as hell, but I’m curious about it anyway.

Naturaly I tried it with a few other characters like Shoto’s, Chun-Li, even the twins, but I can’t replicate it. I can still do it with Makoto, but no-one else. How the hell is this even possible? Anyone know about this?


You probably did it in a lucid dream and thought it was real.

Try it for your self, it works. It might not move her very far, but you’re still perfoming a kara throw by lk x lp.

so it’s kinda like Hoawrang/Baek’s kara throw? I’ll try it out today and tell you if it works/if it’s worth doing Lol.

Hell no, it’s not worth doing, but it works. :xeye: I just find it strange.

Throw, Universal Over Head and Taunt Partitioning?

I can’t believe it, it works with her U.O.H and taunt too. It’s most noticable with her Taunt. If you line her back foot up against the meter and repeatedly taunt, you’ll see she moves forward and returns to her origional position. But if you drum roundhouse and fierce she gets the movement off her roundhouse and cancels into taunt, moving her backwards like the Fukiage.

The only way I can see it is it’s some form of partitioning, since in theory you’re breaking the universal command into two seperate parts (i.e hk + hp > hk x hp). You’re not canceling say roundhouse again into hk + hp, you’re canceling roundhouse into fierce, but still getting the taunt and the frame advantage (or in this case disadvantage) from the previous move.

I just think it’s a shame nothing can come of this, it was a random idea that I can’t believe actually worked. Although I’ve never heard of it before, it’s just wierd how so far Makoto is the only one who can do it, all the other characters I’ve tried can’t do it.

Its just a kara cancel, your just cancelling a reg move into a special ie taunt/uoh…

also everyone can technically do this just not everyone has a worthwhile kara or one at all to take advantage of it.

Also referring to the distance gained/lost due to the kara cancel as frame advantage is just wrong.

i think you’re talking about makoto’s standard kara-throw lk(held)~lp ? its range is pretty useless(comparable to ken’s kara-throw range?)… especially when you can just karakusa…

i dunno what this “frame advantage” talk is about…

edit: JAK beat me to it…

You’re gaining an advantage by the used frames, I know it’s not frame advantage, but I just titled it that for simplicity. The point is I’m not canceling it into throw or U.O.H or taunt, but punch. It’s not exactly a kara cancel, since I’m not technicaly canceling the desired move with p + k. Also characters like Yun who’s short acts in the same way as Makotos can’t do it.

No it really just is a kara cancel, the game gives you quite a bit of leeway when it comes to inputting commands due to humans not being perfect. Your hitting the two buttons close enough to the same time for the uoh/etc to come out but far enough apart to get the starting frames of the first button hit out.

Also for the standing short stuff Im assuming youre referring to the kara where her standing short comes completely out then xx to whatever special. Thats a glitch in her short fwd chain and the reason she is the only person who can do it.

So do you think this is possibly connected to that glitch? As far as I can see she’s the only one that can do it.

i have a good question, i saw in the frame data that makotos forward jab has a 0 start up. does this mean its faster than chuns low jab? if so are you able throw that out on ur wake up to stop i.e yuns comand grab?

lol, 0 startup.

lk~lp (holding lk down) does perform a karathrow which moves you forward a bit. Actually so does, test it you’ll see. Since the distance is so small it’s not really worth using in any situation I can think of. It’s not new or old, since some ppl don’t know about it and the ppl that do know don’t care because it’s not very practical. :wasted:

It’s a regular kara cancel that work with everyone including shotos and chun. I’m guessing the reason you think it doesn’t is because those characters’ standing shorts don’t move them forward or backwards.

Btw, what is up with the title of this thread? I don’t see the relationship between karathrow and priority. :sweat: