Does Street Fighter V have Auto block?


I mean when someone is doing a true block string
If I stop blocking during the block string, do I get hit?


You mean Absolute Guard. As far as I know it does, yes.

Auto Guard is where the game literally blocks for you which is a very old option in games like Xmen COTA and like Alpha 1/2.


I mean like in Third Strike, if you stop blocking during a multi-hitting move ----> you get hit
In SF4, the game continues to block for you even if you release the block button, if it is a true block string


Yeah I already answered that question for you. As far as I know it works like SFIV.

3rd Strike is the only game that turns off absolute guard to give you room to red parry. Pretty much every other SF game has absolute guard turned on.


Thanks man it is clear now
but im dissapointed to hear that
because people will just mash after blocking the first hit (like jump in)


Absolute guard on its own isn’t really a problem so you don’t need to be that worried. It’s when it’s combined with other mechanics that they combine to make something questionable.


If only reversal weren’t so easy to do …


People who’s only experience with SF is SFIV really need to chill out when complaining about certain mechanics.


Did this really need its own topic? Couldn’t you have asked it in the Mechanics topic? How about I make a topic for every single mechanic that’s in the game?


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I was destroying people during the beta that did stuff like that. Meterless combo punishes in this game are far too damaging to be throwing out wake up dps/reversal dps in block strings. There’s also no FADC to protect them.

Unless you’re going to hit people with 4 dps per combo you eat, it’s a bad idea other than something you do rarely just to keep people honest. They also have pretty questionable invincibility to begin with and can just be outright beat by some moves.


I was legit starting to wonder if Ryu’s no-EX DP had any invincibility at all. I would beat that shit with meaty jumpins or just meaty crouch jabs sometimes. When I started playing Ryu, it felt a lot more comfortable to AA with normals instead of meterless DPs.

On topic, while I understand that SF3 was the only one without auto-block, it was a good feature that they should have kept. It’s not as bad in SFV, it’s mainly just SFIV that’s particularly notorious about it because the auto-block was coupled with huuuuge reversal windows with DPs that could be safe, lead to pressure on block and could be comboed for half your health. If you had some meters, why the fuck NOT mash some DP to see if you get out of pressure or even take off half their life, easy. Man, SF4 wasn’t terrible, but holy shit it had some RETARDED game mechanics.

Now coming off that tangent, autoblock is still not an ideal mechanic for SFV (or any fighter, really). Its exclusion promotes offense. Autoblock can lead to some overly-passive play when you’re on the defensive and some option selects that exploit it. I can seriously auto-pilot my way through some rushdowns even in older Street Fighters, not just 4, because I’m secure in the fact that I have auto-block and I just need to look out for stuff like overhead and tick throw, maybe tap back-fierce at intervals so I can toss them out of pressure with my huge range zero-frame throw that takes a chuck out of their health. No commitment at all, and barely any risk, they would have to sniff out the exact timing of my “tech” to crush it. This might wind up being especially true of SFV, easy passive defense, because throws have short range and are not as reliable for opening people up. Combofiend will make blog posts about how SFV is all about COMMITMENT and you can see it all over the place in the character design. Even small things, like Vega being able to V-Trigger during a forward jump but NOT a neutral or back jump. It’s a really good design philosophy. So it would just make sense that, when you’re blocking, you’re forced to commit 100% to blocking and doing anything but blocking during defense is a big risk that shuts off your ability to block. In that case, when you want to get out of blockstring pressure with a DP, you have to make a hard read, you gotta know when there will be a gap in the string for you to DP through AND that they won’t block. Less IDGAF JUST DO IT YOLO dps or “I’m going to just mash shortcut DP until one comes out automatically”, more actual reads.

Yea, that sounds good. If they’re really so petulant toward mashed DPs that they have make them counter-hit status on block, just remove the problem at the source and take out auto-blocking.


Seems to be that auto blocking isn’t much of a use in this game to begin with. Like sf4 there are very little in the way of true block strings other than like jab chains. Unlike sf4 though, your penalty for being read with mashing out reversals is greater.

As far as dp invincibility goes, the rule seems to be that mp dps (or mk dps if you’re cammy) have upper body invincibility. jab and fierce ones don’t seem to have any at all. They can beat things just by virtue of being fast but that’s about it. Which again makes mashing out reversals that much more dangerous. in sf4 if your jab dp was blocked you wouldn’t necessarily eat a full combo punish just by virtue of the fact that the recovery wasn’t that bad. (How many times have you had a jab dp blocked and just gotten hit with a sweep or something?)

In this game with having to do mp or EX dps, you’re flying way up there if you get blocked and easily eating full punishes every time.


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