Does Tekken deserve to be in the home page?


My opinion is this, tekken is an awesome franchise, it sold amazingly and the game itself plays really good. I can see that there is a page for the tekken franchise but it is not in the list of the top three, I don’t know about you guys but I think Tekken deserves to be in the spot where the Street Fighter x Tekken page is at… everyone’s thoughts please



On a Predominantly Capcom and 2D fighter forum…probably not.


It is on the TekkenZaibatsu front page. Stop treating SRK like its here for all games.


A tip for you, is that if you google the game name than the forums you’ll almost always get the most popular forum for that game.

Example: "Tekken forums"
Results: Link


Moved to the Tekken forums. All game-specific discussions go in their specific forums. :tup:


I think that it will become bigger on SRK when TTT2 comes out because that game is garnering alot more attention than its predecessors


^ This is the truth