Does that SOPA and PIPA thing affect srk

Went to craigslist and there was this little section and explained some stuff about it. Don’t really know that much about it. Just wondering.

And it will effect everything.



Can leave been a billionare alone I guess. Fucking ridiculous.


Read the front page or search for SOPA using the search function.

yes. If you use a song, picture, or whatever that you didnt make into something that you did make, then they can take your shit down without notice.

So, combo videos or even a picture of a pen with the company’s name on it can take it down, which is lame.

Shit, you could be wearing a shirt with the Nike symbol on it on your Facebook and Nike can tell the FB people to shut your page down.

That’s how I am reading, at least.

Oh shit I renember that on the front page now. Nike is just mad cause their dunks resell for 10 times more on ebay and walmart well its walmart.