Does the Asus VH236H support SoG?


Does the EVO monitor support Sync on Green? I’m planning to use a Hauppauge HD-PVR with my ps3 through the VGA port, with a component to VGA cable.

If I am understanding this correctly, if the monitor supports Sync on Green, then I can simply buy a component to VGA adapter instead of a full blown powered converter, correct?

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Very few monitors support Synch on Green, and I think that was a Sony thing.

Also Component does not equal RGB output
Component is based on Luma and Chroma ( Luma or Brightness and Chroma or Color info is separated)

The colors of the RCA Plugs are not indicators of the colors of each signal, just a means to color code the 3 cables and tell them apart from Left and Right audio and Composite video (Yellow). If you ever see orange, that is digital audio.

Also there no way that VGA can take raw Component input.
What do you use that needs Component?


chrischun was a bit unclear, Darksakul, but if the PS3’s RGB output can be set to RGB or YPbPr like the PS2, then you can just set it to RGB, use component cables plugged into the PS3, connect those to a straight-through cable with 3 RCA jacks on one side and a VGA cable on the other (which connect R, G+S, and B to the appropriate VGA pins), and connect that RGB SOG source to a compatible monitor. I’ve done this before with my PS2 using progressive scan-capable games and a Sony VGA CRT.

This PSX-Scene thread has someone who emailed Asus about another monitor and got a positive-ish reply about SOG:

There’s also a circuit to convert SOG to RGB + H/V Sync, a standard VGA signal which you can use on any VGA monitor (any that support whichever resolution you’re using): (scroll down)
Got the above link from this large thread which probably has more info:


Thanks for the reply and help darksakul, but DanAdamKOF got what I was trying to get at perfectly. I checked out that other thread for the SoG compliance, and it seems like my best bet would be to either ask Asus directly or just try a component > VGA cable myself to check.

On another note, would that DIY VGA cable work in conjunction with the Hauppauge recording device? It seems like the author of that site is specifically using the ps2 cable for the mod.


I don’t think so since the Hauppague expects component video (YPbPr) and you’re outputting RGB SoG. You could email Hauppague and see if they think it’ll work, in my experience they reply to emails decently fast.

I typed up a lot here but it was getting contrived. Short version:
I’m not aware of a capture card that can capture RGB SoG (doesn’t mean they’re not out there). IMO your best bet to keep it as simple as possible, so if you ask me you should get a VGA-capable capture card (AverMedia makes a few, no clue as to their quality but they’re cheap), use a VGA splitter (may need a powered one), have one output from it go untouched into your monitor, and the other with a SoG->RGBHV circuit in-line into your VGA capture card. Or if your monitor doesn’t support SoG, put the circuit before the splitter.

FYI this is basically all speculation since I haven’t done this before.

My “component to VGA” SoG cable came from Fry’s, if there’s one near you I think they have a decent return policy, you could just take it back if it won’t work. Be sure to set your PS3 to do RGB out since if it’s expecting RGB SoG instead of Component, you’ll get incorrect colors. You’ll probably need some RCA jack couplers if you get the same cable I did, which has male jacks instead of female.

There are probably premade SoG -> RGBHV converters out there if you don’t want to build your own.