Does the clicking sound bother you?

I was about to order the Madcatz TE stick until I saw on youtube that the stick made clicking sounds. I’m kinda old school for control sticks and I prefer the old silent arcade sticks. Anyone else like that?

Also, is there a stick on the market that doesn’t make the clicking sound?

It doesn’t terribly bother me. I think Seimitsu LS-32s sound a little less “clicky” than the stock Sanwa JLF, but that may be because they just resonate differently. I believe you’re looking for a Happ stick, but I don’t feel that you’ll be able to squeeze one of those into the TE. But then again, I own neither a TE or a Happ stick. Heh.

I like my sticks old school, clicking like the Sanwas I’ve been playing on since 1994.

Doesn’t bother me, but your ‘old school’ memories are clouded. American style parts click, too. (p360 excepted, see below)

Somewhat. The clicking comes from the microswitches. There are a few sticks that don’t use microswitches though, like the Suzo Inductive, Perfect 360, and Sanwa Flash. Suzo Inductive I don’t know much about so can’t comment. Perfect360’s seem to be a hit-or-miss ordeal, with most recently manufactured ones having difficulties detecting corners properly, but they’re easily available to buy direct from Happ Controls. Sanwa Flash is the only option for in Japanese style, but they went out of production something like 4-5 years ago, and the flash assembly by itself can easily run >$200 in the second hand market. There’s rumor of some hacker in Tech Talk trying to make an optical replacement for Sanwa sticks, but nothing has come of it yet.

Can you get/make a silent stick? Sure, but expect to go American parts or pay out the wazoo. Or you can get used to the clicky. For less noisy but not quite silent options, you could try to locate quiet versions of the standard microswitches in most sticks; all of the microswitch datasheets I’ve seen include a noise volume, so you can look for the quietest replacement and switch the clicky switches out for quieter versions, but this is almost guaranteed to require a bit of wiring work.

can’t hear it when I’m playing as sound from the surround sound drowns it.

even when I do play late at night with sound turned super low, it doesn’t bother me. kinda like it actually.

thanks for all the replies. I think I’ll just try to get used to it. It’ll be cheaper :slight_smile:

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You cant hear arcade sticks click really in arcades because the ambient noise is always so loud

Your other option is hunting down an ascii optical. It is a Sanwa flash clone. They go for $120-$150.

love the clicking noise :\

I have friends that always do 360s & 720s after each round & slide their fingers over all of the buttons. I personally <3 the clicking noise.

Sanwa Flassssssssssh ;] oh and Wico P360, ftw ~

I’ve got lotsa happ parts and worked in an arcade, the clicking comes with the teritory.

Also, if your remembering from the arcade… you cant hear crap in those places.

wow, seriously? I wouldn’t wanna miss the feeling I get when I walk into a room full of players who loudly tap their buttons and move their sticks (haha, that sounds gay). I remember the first time, it gave me shivers.

The stick clicking sound should be the last of your worries when you’re in a room with 20 other people mashing on buttons. Took me a while to get use to it.

I personally love the noise for some reason

When you play, I doubt you even hear the stick click as you’ll be too focused on the game than to pay attention to background noise.

i like the click it lets you know that your stick is doing what you what it to

I’ve never had an arcade stick that doesn’t make noise 0_o MAS Systems stick and 2 Sanwa Modded SE sticks here D;

Clicking is an audio cue that you should use to refine your execution. You should work to minimize the time between clicks, that way you know that you’re movements are getting more efficient.