Does the Computer Player in Street Fighter 4 do charge moves instantly?

I was just wondering, sometimes it seems like that. Also they can do 360 moves after walking without jumping, could be just my eyes.

You can do 360 moves without jumping anyway… As for the charge stuff, yes I think they do but not 100% sure on that one.

Doing 360’s at that speed is just stick abuse to me. I can 360 during a crouch because of the few frames he spends getting up, but while walking?. I can’t do it consecutively haha.

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He only got 4 infraction points so far, so it was most likely a 24 or 48 hour ban.

@ OP: No, in SF4 they do not do instant charge moves. In some older games the comp did this but in more recent games they’ve tended to fix it. However, they can do the move the nanosecond the “charge” timer is up so it may seem ridiculously fast. The computer follows the same rules we do - it simply gets the advantage of split-second ability that may seem “unfair” when, in essence, it’s simply inhuman.

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There are two little “tricks” that make this work: you don’t need to do spin the whole 360, and you need to do the up direction part as late as possible during the spin.

You actually only need to rotate 270 degrees from your starting point instead of the full 360: that’s hitting 7 directions and not 9… and it probably works with even less than that in SF4 because the game is so lenient with its inputs. While walking forward, start the 360 motion from the forward direction that you were already holding, then roll the joystick through down-forward to down, down-back, back, up-back, and finally up. This ensures that your unwanted jump command is as late as possible in your 360 motion, so you can easily get the grab to come out while your character is still grounded, during his few getting-ready-to-jump frames. Press the required attack button(s) just as you reach the up direction.

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Scroll down to fighting game and SF is in there.

Just to add to this, you can also do a 360 SPD by just pressing: Back, Forward, Down, Up + P. Just a little Zangief trick someone taught me.

People can essentially walk up 720. True stuff.

I’ve seen Hugo players pull of his 720 super to punish an opponent’s normal.