Does the fabled Kara SRK actually exist?

ive heard of people talking about it but i could not find any info or videos on it.

It’s not the same high damage kara shoryu from 3s. But, yeah, it does exist. In my opinion, it’s the hardest Kara to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look to one of the stickies for inputs. Also, you probably shouldn’t make topics for little things like this. We have a Q&A thread stickied at the top, guy.

Oh tite, I wanna see this in action if its real.

as i said in my first post, i could not find any info or vids on it. and i personally feel that this is worth its own thread. i bet 75% of the people know nothing about a kara SRK.
the stickies talk about kara throw, kara tatsu, and kara focus but mention nothing of a kara SRK.

how do you perform it? the same way you perform kara throw? or the same way you perform kara tatsu?

shoryuken input, then holding forward, mk -> lp mp or hp.

try df -> neutral -> forward +mk ~(lp or hp)

Annoying as all hell to do.
I like doing it by pressing forward, then doing a QCF motion making sure that you hold down forward while you press MK+HP or


I really only use this if I’m trying to close off the space by fishing out a counter hit or if I get a anti air shoryu and trying to do another MP shoryu to get more damage out of the 2nd shoryu. You have to recognize the spacing when they fly up, if they’re close enough in the air to do another kara MP shoryu, go for it. If not, just use a HP shoryu

well, kara fierce srk. you cant kara the medium punch DP because the game will prioritize the FA. the only feasibly use i know of for kara dp in this game is to insure you dont miss the second hit of the shoryu after a hitconfirm (ie the hit that launches)

btw guys this was all covered before in the stickies.

There’s a kara hadouken too. It’s prob harder than the kara shoryu.

i find it easier but i really dont see any use in it whatsoever. there are a few scenarios though, that im starting to incorporate the kara srk. im also incorporating the kara focus. im totally redesigning my playstyle right now.

Kara Focus helps a lot.

Kara SRK and Kara Hadoken doesn’t have the same range as Kara Throw or Kara Focus so it’s not that useful.

the kara srk does exist and if you were to combine that with a kara focus you would find yourself all the way on the other side of the screen. those two combine cover a lot distance. its good for people jumping backwards and empty jumping in mpho

Wait, I need a clear explaination of how to do the kara shoryu and the kara hadouken.

this is how you do the kara SRK. just use the same concept to do kara hadouken.

:df::qcf::mk:~:hp: (press mk and hp at ALMOST the exact same time but mk ever so slightly first)


:df::qcf::hk:~:hp: (press hk and hp at ALMOST the exact same time but hk ever so slightly first)

i prefer the second method because the startup for an overhead HK is 23 frames compared to the step kicks (MK) 11 frame startup. but for the kara throw, i definately use the stepkick for more distance. of course though, if you can master it using the MK then it is obviously better but the distance for kara SRK and kara hadou is not crucial compared to kara throw.

or try this …

Can someone make a video with these things in it? I’d really like to see.

Okay so I can do the kara hadouken easy. Kara shoryu is a different story. I think it could be a little harder to notice though…

Just go into training mode and turn on input display.
It should look like this on screen when done right (if you are on 1P side)(written bottom to top to mimic the input display in SF4):
:r: :mk: :hp:
:r: :mk:

Then use the lines on the floor to judge distances.

It’s not really that huge of an advance, kind of hard to notice.

did you test this out? because i cant seem to do it and i dont see how that would register as an SRK.

i’ve tested it out, and actually i thinks its easier to do than the other method. I definitely prefer that motion over the other. if you have a stick or the analog on the ps3, just press df, release for neutral for hot second then press f and piano slide mk hp or mk lp. mk mp will register as focus