Does the fighting game scene need superstars?

I was watching the trailer for Focus, Mike Ross’s documentary, and there was discussion about how all of the documentary trailers make it seem like the scene is more about the players, and less about the games. Is that really a bad thing?

I think the fighting game scene needs its role models. I’m not asking for lunchboxes or anything like that, I’m just saying that everything needs its recognizable faces. Without these guys, there’d be less hype.

What do you guys think?

every arena needs its gladiators

The FG community needs role models? Since when were we that big? I’m sure 75% of America don’t know who Mike Ross is.

The only people that look up to FG members are new people. That’s not a knock on new people, but that’s just what I have seen. If I were to see Mike Ross on the streets I would say wassup. These new kids would run and ask for his fucking autograph.


As for the scene being about the players. I like that. They are playing the game. That’s what we are watching aren’t we? You want it to be about the game? That’s great go watch the CPU play one another.

I don’t think Madcatz would sell as many $150+ joysticks if there weren’t FGC superstars to use them

I love how anytime anyone talks about fighting games they’re specifically talking about ssf4.

Come February…it will be about Marvel Vs Capcom 3.
Then it will go back to being just SSF4 after July.

It’s what most everyone is familiar with. You can’t deny that there is a more popular fighter on the market than the Super version of Street Fighter Four. I realize that there are more fighting games up there, I made the post the way I did because I play SSFIV. Since I work at Gamestop, I’ll check out Blazblue to see what is up with that. Fair? :wink:

I think you have things backwards. Good players gain fame because they play high level exciting matches. Exciting matches create hype.

Also its strange to me that you’d ask Tomo to sign your stick. Have you ever even seen him play?

Really the scene should be primarily about the game. The more focus put on the player imo means the more SF will turn into a spectator driven event.

If I saw him I’d yell out DAUGHTRY! and try to headbutt him, probably wouldn’t end to well.

I’m indifferent to this front, every game has it’s stars within it’s own community. I could name off the top of my head about five or six famous fighting games players (Not exclusively SSFIV, we do have other fighters you know) but I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about say a famous Halo player, or a CoD pro. Only we care about it, the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck mostly.

  1. Good point, but I’m perfectly cool with the players getting more popular than the game when they can. Gives the game a face.

  2. I’d get Tomo to sign my stick because of that sweet SFII video he made years ago. Same thing with getting an autograph from an indie actor whos movie I’ve never seen but heard really good things about.

  3. I don’t think that fighters could really ever become a spectator sport as long as there are tournaments where people like Gamerbee or Vangief seem to come out of nowhere. New blood comes through all the time.

I see no problem with fighting games being more spectator friendly. A greater spectator presence means bigger and better majors.

As for looking up to top players, presently, I’m not good enough to take numerous games off of insert top player here that’s not dickriding, the fact is, my game isn’t there yet. Doesn’t mean I won’t fight for every pixel of health that I have, but until I improve as a player, I’m probably not going to be winning majors anytime soon. But in the meantime, by following top players I can enjoy the spectacle of big games without the means to play those games myself.

The people that believe top players are unbeatable supermen is entirely wrong, but right now they are objectively better than most players out there right now. Why wouldn’t I want to watch the best at work?

That’s really weird to me. Lotta SF players are hypebeasts haha

I don’t think he’s a BB player, just sayin. :stuck_out_tongue:

i generally don’t give a shit about celebrities, but I guess that sort of thing would be important for going really mainstream, and I do like people like sp00ky, but otherwise the names are mostly just shorthand to me for “Nice x player” for when i want footage of that character.

People just like rocking to their own rhythm, it’s these superstars no one gives two shits about. Not everyone is a delusional dead beat loser who goes, I want to be a pokemon… wait… street fighter masta!!! Though I would gladly knock them down a keg if given a chance but really don’t care either way.

I don’t see how the negatives do much damage, just creates more hype and helps people get hooked / generates money…Ok, sometimes I’m disappointed by some of the new kinds of people the genre is attracting but overall it’s a good thing, I don’t want another fighting game drought. It’s cool as fuck being able to see high level play so often and it makes things more interesting when there’s someone to root for if that’s what you’re into.

what fighting game drought?

Role models, dont make me fucking laugh

Read the thread? I didn’t mean role models in the traditional sense.

Also, when most people talk about a fighting game drought, they’re talking about the period during the early/mid 2000s where no particularly gripping fighter came out.

Player personalities mainly help people outside of the scene relate better towards the game. That’s about it really, I’d say. Having more “superstars” won’t really help the player base outside of bring more players.

Team sports are about the teams. 1v1 sports are about the athletes. Look at boxing and UFC.

Turns out it’s more exciting that way.

didnt matter
everyone was playing mvc2 and cvs2 from 2001-2002 for the next 6 years anyway