Does the Gaming Keyboard Work Well in SSF4?

I dont know if this has been already posted in this forum so I do apologize if incase this topic is already existed.

I’m currently using a logitech keyboard which is mainly used for office typing. I do not have a problem with regards to executing the normal skills in every characters in SSF4. However, when it comes to ultras, and SJCs, it seems so hard to perform those. I just wanted to know if is there anyone who uses keyboard on SSF4.

Which stick do you prefer to suggest to play with, MAdcatz arcade, the well-known arcade stick? Or Gamepad from capcom? Or Razer Keyboard?

Can you guys differentiate these game sticks, their pros and cons.

Gaming keyboard?

MAdCatz Arcade?


Has all the answers to your controller questions. Personally when I play on PC, I use the same arcade stick that I use for the ps3 and I have no problems. I’m not sure if xbox sticks/controllers are anymore difficult to configure with PC. I previously used a Hori Fighting Stick 3, and now use a Qanba Q4RAF (dual mod stick). Both have been excellent for PC use.

To play with a Xbox 360 stick on PC, you just have to plug the stick to your PC. So buying a Xbox TE is a good choice for example :slight_smile:

I find Ibuki to be much easier with a keyboard than a stick, especially in Anti-air moves and specials.

Though I prefer SFIII:3S Ibuki over SFIV:AE.

I used to beat half the matches with Ibuki in SFIV. Now with the 2012 update I win 1 in 10 matches.
I never expected that I’d fare better with 3S Ibuki over SFIV Ibuki.